Five Games to Keep you Occupied on the iPad

Published On August 15, 2013 | Gaming

When it comes to online and on-the-move gaming, few things compare to the touch-screen fun offered by the iPad.

Whether it’s the artistic simplicity of Draw Something or the geometrical mastery of Angry Birds, there’s most likely a game for everyone out there.

To help you wade through the good, the bad and the just plain ugly in the iPad gaming world, we’ve compiled a list of five contrasting options for the discerning Apple tablet owner.


If you enjoy the bright colors and inventive gameplay of Angry Birds but want something different and similarly quirky, check out Flockwork. Taking inspiration from the makers of 90s classics like Worms and Lemmings, this game has users help a flock of woolly sheep escape from one field to another. Sound a bit simple? Well, it’s far from it and could be the perfect exercise for your fingers.


Most of us love a good sports simulator and while the iPad boasts the usual range of official-sounding titles to enjoy, we’ve gone a little leftfield with this choice – Air Hockey Gold. Available for free on both the iPhone and iPad, this classically styled game works best on the larger screen of the iPad.


Ever since the launch of Tetris, gamers have been in love with anything encouraging them to use their grey matter. With this in mind, we’ve been racking our brains (get it?) to come up with a worthy successor on the iPad, and we may have found it with SpaceChem. In a concept that really has to be experienced to fully appreciate, gamers control the building blocks of all matter, juggling resources to reach level specific targets. Sounds complicated? It’s not. But is it addictive? You better believe it.


Many people have enjoyed word-based puzzles, whether it’s a crossword in a newspaper or a word search in a magazine, and when it comes to the iPad few really compare to the granddaddy of them all – Scrabble.

With more points for complicated words, this is the must-have game for anyone with an ever-expanding vocabulary. Play with friends on one console or across the Internet, the Scrabble iPad app is the perfect companion (aside from the obvious) on long journeys and holidays alike.


The expanding world of online gambling means iPad owners now benefit from a wealth of gaming platforms offering the chance at thrills, spills and big money wins. Chief among these online pursuits is poker, the world’s most popular card game. Mixing skill, luck and guile, these apps give players the chance to experience the excitement of a game at the green felt wherever they may be.

When it comes to poker apps, the King remains Full Tilt’s Rush Poker app. Offering high speed play on the go, it’s the perfect addition to your Apple hardware with the option of playing games against friends or card sharks based around the world.

The next time you get bored and have your iPad lying around, check out any of these great games. They’re sure to pass the time.

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