Flappy Bird Flew Away: Get Your Fix With These Comparable Games

Published On March 11, 2014 | Gaming

If you were a fan of the popular Flappy Bird game and devastated when it was taken down by its creator, there is some hope. The game may be gone, but there are lots of Flappy Bird-inspired games being launched to keep fans flying high.

According to a recent post in The Guardian, there are more than 100 Flappy Bird-inspired games now available online and more are being added every day. Soon, there will be a flock of similar games to satisfy even the most die-hard Flappy Bird fan.

According to The Guardian,

 “In the last 24 hours, just under 300 new iOS games went live on Apple’s App Store. Nearly one third of them were clones of – or heavily inspired by – recent app phenomenon Flappy Bird.”

Were you a big Flappy Bird fan? Have you found a new version that satisfies your cravings? Tell us what new Flappy Bird-inspired games you are playing in the comments section.

– By Jessica Oaks



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