Football Fans Must Deal With Loss of NCAA… Game

Published On August 2, 2013 | Gaming

With football season just around the corner, fans have some bad news to face. The National Collegiate Athletic Association recently announced that it will not be renewing its contract with Electronic Arts.

The newly released NCAA Football 14 is the final collaboration between EA and NCAA.

More bad news comes for football fans as the future relationship between EA and the NFL is being questioned. The NFL’s contract with EA will expire shortly after the release of NFL 25 in August.

Even without the partnerships, EA plans to continue to release college football games.

According to The Verge,

“Executive VP of EA Sports Andrew Wilson has issued a statement confirming his company ‘will no longer include the NCAA names and marks’ in future titles. But the industry giant is ‘already working on a game for next generation consoles’ due next year featuring college teams and leagues. EA and the Collegiate Licensing Company — which represents dozens of universities — both describe their working relationship as ‘strong.’”

It looks like football fans will be spending fewer hours in front of the TV screen. It’s time to shift their time to more productive tasks… like updating their fantasy football teams.

— By Jennifer Thayer



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