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Published On August 30, 2013 | App & Software

School has started and you’re probably making your list of must-haves and organizing your brand new backpack. You’ll need new binders, new folders, shiny new pens, sharp pencils, and crisp white paper. Don’t forget your smartphone or tablet; they need back to school essentials as well. Since you may have splurged on that new backpack, kick off the school year right with these free back-to-school apps.


  • Evernote: This organizational app is great for class notes. Type and synchronize notes, photos, and memos from your iPhone to the Web. You can also tag and search your notes online.
  • Documents to Go: Saving documents on your iPhone is made simple with this app. It can sync with and view Microsoft Office and PDF files. A great app for storing your syllabi and notes.
  • Dropbox: This app lets you keep all your files backed up and synced on every device you own (plus the cloud). A great app for when you forget your essay at home. Just access it through Dropbox and print.
  • Wunderlust: A straightforward task manager.
  • Trello: A task manager for when you’re handling a lot of projects. You can create boards, cards, checklists, etc.
  • MyHomework: Keep track of your class schedule and homework. This app will color-code according to due date and sync with your desktop and iPhone.


  • CourseSmart: This has more than 7,000 full text textbooks. You’ll pay for the e-textbooks and save a considerable amount of money buying the online version than the paperback version. E-textbooks usually expire after a certain access period.
  • iBooks: Read purchased books, ePub and PDF files and enjoy page-turning animations.
  • Leave your bulky dictionary at home and download this app that contains definitions and a thesaurus. Go ahead, make your backpack a little lighter.
  • Chegg: You can use this app to find cheap rental textbooks with free shipping.


  • Graphing Calculator: There are many free graphing calculators out there for a nominal price, but this one does just as much (if not more than the others). Obviously it would be hard to keep up with an advanced calculus class, but you’ll definitely be able to keep up in a high school course.
  • Haiku Deck: A great app for finding pictures and creating a beautiful presentation that you can export into PowerPoint.
  • 30/30: An app for when you are feeling less than productive. This sets time limits for each task so that you can stay on track and get jobs done.
  • gFlash: This is a flash-card application that you use in conjunction with Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel. You can create flash-cards that can include sound, pictures, or YouTube video. This is useful when studying for texts or quizzes.


  • Mint: Keep track of your finances easily with this app. Manage your expenses, keep track of your checking and savings accounts, investments, loan balances and more so you can pay off your student loans faster.

Now you can go to school knowing you have an amazing arsenal of apps to accompany your devices.

— By Ashley Pfeffer

Ashley is a Navy wife and a mom who enjoys crafting, blogging, taking pictures, and spending time with family and friends. Visit her blog at



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