Galaxy S5 Debuts: Is it the Best Phone for Business?

Published On March 27, 2014 | Mobile, Tech Business

There has been quite a bit of pomp and circumstance surrounding the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Many technology critics are lauding the phone as the most complete phone ever and there are many features that certainly will make you believe that statement to be true.

The slick new smartphone, which is set to be released April 11, is already causing consumers to get in line for the upcoming phone. The interesting aspect about the Galaxy S5 is that it has so many cool new features that it has become an attraction for all types of consumers.

Here are a few reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great phone for business use.

Removable Battery

If you’re on the road a lot, a common problem is your phone always running out of power and dying. Sure, you can plug in recharge where it is available, but when you can’t and your phone is dead, that can really decrease productivity. The Galaxy S5 will come with a removable battery so that if your first battery is dead, you can easily place in a charged up one and not even worry about juice, which means having a charger becomes much less of a necessity.

Increased Storage Capacity

The typical businessperson knows that having readily accessible files is something that is not at all overrated. On the Galaxy S5, there is a microSD card slot, which allows owners to use the card as storage for bigger files they may need to show for meetings or presentations with a PC connection.

Security for Online Peace of Mind

The S5 also is the most secure Android phone on the market, equipped with KNOX 2.0, which is designed to provide advanced data and privacy protection for enterprise users. In addition to the KNOX 2.0, the Snapdragon 801 processor is extremely fast and won’t leave you at all waiting for important documents or apps to load on your phone.

Smartwatch Compatible

Another excellent feature for using the Samsung Galaxy S5 for business is its Gear 2 and Fit Connectivity, which is the new Samsung Galaxy smartwatch feature. This is perfect for handling incoming notifications, like emails. If your phone is in your pocket, on your belt or even your desk, the smartwatch allows you to just look at your equipped watch for all necessary notifications. Even though the technology is somewhat new, the quality is very strong and should be considered for all smartphones moving forward.

Larger Screen

Many businesspeople complain that their smartphone screens are too small. With the Samsung Galaxy S5, the 5.1 inch screen is 1.1 inches larger than the Apple iPhone 5S, which makes it easier to read documents or important notifications rather than having to strain your eyes on a smaller screen.

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 was not made particularly for the businessperson in mind, with its new cutting edge features and top-notch security, it certainly meets the needs of most modern businesspeople. It is bound to be one of, if not the top phones to use for business.

Are you an Android fan who is excited about the release of the Galaxy S5 for business use?

– By Jennifer Thayer



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