Garmin Heads Up Display Puts Directions on Your Windshield

Published On August 13, 2013 | Electronics

Have you heard of Google Glass? It’s the new headset you can wear to see your emails, photos and other stuff projected onto a tiny screen in front of your eye. Glass could be the next big thing, or not.

But it has sparked a new way of using our smartphones that now has found its way into our cars.

Garmin recently unveiled its Heads Up Display (HUD) product, which projects driving directions, texts, emails and other smartphone communications right on the windshield of your car. It makes getting where you’re going easier because you don’t have to keep looking down to check your smartphone screen.

Here’s a video about the Garmin HUD system from so you can see it in action.

The HUD is set up to run with smartphone navigation apps like Google Maps on both Android and iPhone devices. It relays information via Bluetooth so directions can be read aloud as you drive along following the directions being projected onto your windshield.

The unit sells for $129.

— By Tim Alan



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