Get Rid of the Clutter: How to Recycle Your Electronics

Published On October 15, 2013 | Electronics, Green Tech, Tech Business

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got a drawer filled with old cell phones and a closet stuffed with an array of VCR players, broken down laptop, a 50-pound 19-inch tube television and other outdated electronics. As an answer to the expanding use and discarding of technology in our everyday lives, more and more electronics recycling options are becoming available.

Here’s how you can free yourself of electronics clutter by recycling your old and no longer used tech devices.

Recycle Through Tech Companies

Many tech companies offer recycling services and most are free of charge. Some popular recycling programs include:

Best Buy Recycle: Electronics retailer Best Buy has a fantastic recycling program and makes responsibly ridding yourself of used electronics easy. Best Buy accepts three items per day per household of just about any electronic device. All you need to do is bring them to the customer service counter at your local Best Buy location.

HP Global Citizenship: HP’s Global Citizenship program will accept any brand and any product for recycling and trading.

Sell or Trade Old Tech Devices

Get rid of old gadgets and put a little money in your pocket towards your new tech purchase by selling or trading in your old electronics. Try one of these programs if you’re interested in selling or trading in your old tech devices:

Amazon Trade-In Program: Amazon will accept certain electronics in exchange for gift cards. Check out their website for eligible items.

Gazelle: You can sell your old electronics to Gazelle. Not only does Gazelle buy old devices, this service also helps find new owners for your unused electronics.

Donate Used Electronics

A lot of unused electronics still work perfectly after they’ve been replaced with the latest device. Rather than let your first-generation iPad or other outdated electronics sit unused, donate them to a local school or a non-profit or refurbishing program so it can be given to someone in need. Some places you may want to donate your used cell phones, computers, or other electronics include:

Cell Phones for Soldiers: Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit organization which works to provide free calling services for active duty military personnel by trading in donated cell phones for calling cards.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: The NCADV is another organization which accepts cell phone donations. The NCADV uses proceeds from the sale of refurbished, donated cell phones to fund programs to stop domestic violence and assist domestic violence victims.

Goodwill Computer Donations: If you have an old computer or printer collecting dust, consider donating it to Goodwill. Goodwill accepts computers and related equipment in any condition free of charge. Goodwill has a partnership with Dell called ReConnect which allows Goodwill to either sell your used electronics or send them to Dell for recycling.

Responsibly recycling your used electronics is easier than ever. Don’t let your old cell phones or laptop collect dust. There are many programs out there where your electronics can be used to make a difference.

— By Stephanie Willingham

Stephanie Willingham is a contributing writer for a variety of industry blogs. She has professional experience in the medical and financial fields.



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