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Published On April 29, 2013 | Gaming

Today’s video game graphics are so vivid and realistic that they could almost pass for real life. If you’re of a certain age and remember playing Mario and Sonic in 8-bit graphics, you may wonder how you were obsessed with those games.

You may also wonder why on earth you sometimes miss those games and find yourself with an urge to play them again. Is it nostalgia? Is it because modern games are all special effects with weak plots? Whatever the reason, there is still a definite attraction to the old games.

A company in Hong Kong has been filling a need for retro gaming for the past few years, with consoles that play retro game cartridges. Its latest game system boasts five cartridge slots that can handle nine different classic game brands.

Hyperkin has been producing consoles that imitate old gaming systems, like Super Nintendo and Gameboy, since 2009. It recently announced production of a new gaming system which will have five slots for classic game cartridges made by Nintendo, Famicom and Sega.

According to, Hyperkin was set to reveal the RetroN 4, but added the Famicom cartridge slot at the last minute, turning the RetroN 4 into a nostalgia super monster called the RetroN 5.

The official list of cartridges the RetroN 5 can handle is: Nintendo NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance; Sega Genesis and Mega Drive; and Famicom and Super Famicom, according to the Hyperkin blog. Both PAL and NTSC game cartridges will work.

Hyperkin promises complete compatibility with no regional lockout issues. This means imported games will be playable on the system, so Famicom games from Japan will work with no problems. This could give American retro gamers their first crack at some “new” old games they’ve never played before.

The controller that ships with the RetroN 5 is wireless Bluetooth capable and will work with all the games, but you can also use the original controllers from the various systems, and you can use any controller with any game.

Hyperkin is going all out to offer its potential RetroN 5 buyers several choices of modern technology like Bluetooth and HDTV connectivity included for the 21st century convenience we’ve all come to expect. The system promises to be user friendly, and it’s all for the love of the simplest (at least graphically) video games.

Is there really a market for this type of retro game super console? Judging by the reader comments on the Hyperkin blog, it seems that there is. There is no official release date for the RetroN 5 yet, but reports that Hyperkin is aiming for this summer, with an expected price of less than $100.

People who still have the old consoles may question spending upwards of $100 for a new system, but it’s a lot easier to have one console hooked up to your TV than four or five. Having nine game brands on one machine makes the RetroN 5 worth the price. Having classic games, reliability and a guaranteed blast from the past every time you turn it on makes it even better.



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