Google Maps Makes Catching a Ride Easier With Uber Integration

Published On May 21, 2014 | Mobile

Google Maps has undergone a major update for iOS and Android. With the exciting integration of Uber, improved functionality, and Yelp-like search results, Google is hoping to make the Maps app a one-stop shop for the person on the go. Here’s what you need to know about the latest Google Maps update:

Uber Integration

The new Google Maps update has integrated Uber to make getting to your destination even easier. The Uber integration allows users to see an estimated trip time for Uber service as well as give the ability to launch the Uber app from within Google Maps. In order to use Uber in conjunction with Google Maps, you will need to have the Uber app installed.

The Uber option appears in Google Maps when looking up walking or public transit directions, particularly useful if you’re out past bus or train operating hours or if you’re too drunk…er… tired to walk home.

Lane Navigation

The latest Google Maps update now offers lane navigation when you use turn-by-turn directions, perfect for those of us who always end up missing our turns because we couldn’t get over to the right lane in time. Google Maps will now let you know which lane you should be in to make your trip as smooth as possible. This new feature is great for keeping you on the right path when it comes to confusing intersections or forks in the road.

Store Maps and Save Places

You can now store maps connected to your Google profile for later use offline. You can save your map searches by tapping on the map’s place sheet and selecting “save map to use offline.” This will allow you to view your maps whenever necessary, like in times of slow Internet connection.

Not only can you save offline maps, you can also save places in Google Maps for easy recall when you need it. You won’t have to hunt for directions to that one place you go to once a year if you save it in your Google Maps profile.


Google Maps has been updated to offer more of a Yelp experience to help you find places to eat or things to do in a given area. The new feature offers information like ratings, price, and business hours, similar to Yelp. Now you can be sure to get a good meal even if you aren’t familiar with the area—and not get lost along the way.

Improved Public Transportation Scheduling

Public transportation users will love the new feature of searching by arrival or departure times. You can specify the time you’d like to arrive by or the time you need to leave to better plan your use of public transportation. Google Maps has also been updated to include walking time with your transit trip estimate. There’s even a feature to check the time of the last train so you can make sure you don’t get stranded.

Google has made a lot of updates to the Google Maps app, making it more user friendly and easier than ever to get where you need to be!

– By Jessica Oaks



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