Green is the way to go When it Comes to Vehicles

Published On December 5, 2012 | Green Tech

At some point down the road fossil fuels will no longer be available, which is why more and more manufacturers are using an alternative means for fueling their vehicles. Since traditional fuels place damaging effects on our environment, many people want to put an end to them as quickly as possible. Manufacturers have listened to what the people want in a vehicle, and now you can find a fuel-efficient vehicle from just about every car manufacturer.

Even though Mitsubishi is one of the traditional vehicles on the line powered by gas, they have been working hard over the recent years to help produce an electric model that consumers can afford. Their very first vehicle, the Mitsubishi I, is available for purchase at less than $30,000. On a full battery, you can get up to 62 miles before needing a charge with the hatchback. If you need to make longer trips, you can choose the hybrid version to get you that extra distance.

Nissan’s most efficient electric model is the Nissan Leaf, which is available in the hybrid or all-electric models. When using the all-electric model, you can go about 100 miles before needing another charge. The hybrid version, on the other hand, will get you 100 miles per gallon. Average retail price of these vehicles are between $35,000 and $40,000.

Toyota has been a leader in the electric market for several years. One of the first hybrid models on the market was their Prius. Since the Prius delivers consistent performance and high quality, it remains the leader in the market for electric vehicles. For those models that are fuel-efficient and energy efficient, check out the V and C models. These models average around 50 miles per gallon. For a price you can afford, these models are available for less than $30,000.

Even though GM is known for their big engines and large trucks, they are searching for a way to step into the eco-friendly market with all of the others out there already. Many people have seen this company as unwilling to adapt to change, but they have been working hard to transform the manner in which people view their company. Even though they do produce large trucks, they began making electric cars back in 1996 with the EV 1. If you pair that with the fact that they are working to minimize the amount of fuel consumed in their products, you will see that GM is building itself for the future. Some of the sportier vehicles that once had a V8 are now available with the V6 engines.



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