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Published On February 25, 2016 | App & Software, Mobile

Smartphones have transformed daily life, allowing us to stay connected, guiding us when we get lost (thanks GPS!), and helping us find the best spots to eat. With the right apps you can get even more out of your smartphone. Whether you’re looking for ways to stay focused at work or want to stay updated with the latest news, these helpful apps can make everyday life just a little bit easier.

Money Transfer Apps

We’ve all been there—it’s the end of dinner and so begins the nightmare that is splitting the check. Money transfer apps, like Venmo, help eliminate the messy business of splitting checks and waiting on a friend’s “I.O.U.” Venmo is a service from PayPal which allows users to instantly send or receive money amongst other Venmo accounts. With Venmo, you can safely send money directly from your Venmo account or from your linked bank account.

Stay Focused with Music Apps

Music apps are great for keeping us focused while we work or workout. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps, and for good reason. Spotify lets you tailor your streaming by favorite artist, album, or you can listen to a pre-made playlist to get you through the day. Spotify can be streamed for free or users can subscribe to a premium, commercial-free service for a monthly fee. Those with Spotify Premium can even stream music while using the Nike+ Running app to stay motivated during a run.

Apps for Getting Around Town

Apps make getting around town easier than ever. Google Maps is the go to for finding your way to wherever you need to go. Google Maps displays live traffic conditions, allows users to easily choose a different route, and has voice-guided GPS to give you step-by-step directions as you drive, walk, or bike. You can even use Google Maps to search for places to eat or shop.

Those with a busy commute can stay up to date on the best routes with traffic apps, like Waze. Waze is a unique traffic app as it obtains its real-time traffic data from other Waze users. Users can report accidents, road closures, or other hazards to help each other’s commute. Waze learns your regular destinations and can even help you find the cheapest gas along your preferred routes.

Once you’ve made it to where you’re going, you might need help finding parking. Parking apps can help you locate the closest, cheapest spots, taking the hassle out of driving around and around. BestParking is one of the most comprehensive parking apps, covering over 105 cities and 115 airports throughout North America.

Stay Updated with the Latest News

With news apps, it’s easier than ever to stay updated on the latest news. New York Times Now offers free access to all of the need-to-know news stories of the day. You can even access news from others sources within the New York Times Now app. Flipboard is another great option for those looking to keep abreast of the latest topics. Flipboard is like a magazine made just for you, you pick the topics which interest you and Flipboard will compile stories based on your interests.

These apps can make your smartphone an even greater tool for getting through the day. Now find the ones that suit your lifestyle and start downloading!


– By Layla Sundstrom, Contributor @layla_sundstrom



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