Helpful Gadgets For The Holiday Season

Published On December 2, 2016 | App & Software, Electronics

Technology is part of our everyday routines. It has evolved and helps simplify daily tasks. It has even helped with our holiday planning and prepping. Check out these great new gadgets you can use to relieve some of the stress this holiday season.

Paprika Recipe Manager (iOS and Android): You have probably built up quite the cookbook over the years of hosting holidays at your home. Instead of pulling out the bulky cookbook, download this app to keep your recipes organized conveniently on your smart phone.

Big Oven (iOS and Android): Still looking for a few new recipes to try this year? Big Oven has over 250k recipes to choose from.

Meat Thermometer: A dry turkey or ham is every chef’s nightmare during the holidays. This waterproof thermometer will prevent this kitchen tragedy and will remind you when your turkey or ham reaches a specific temperature.

Spotify (iOS and Android): Ready to create the perfect holiday playlist? Create a custom playlist for your family and friends this year while you sit around the table together and enjoy your amazing DJ skills. You can also select ready-made-playlist by genre or mood.

Timer+ (iOS): This app will save your booty. Not only can you keep track of what time to take the main dish out of the oven, but you can have multiple timers going so everything else comes out just as perfect as the main course.

Turkey Fryer: If you haven’t tried a deep fried turkey, this year may be the one you decide to take the plunge. Not only will you clear up some precious oven space, your turkey will come out perfectly juicy and delicious.

Delectable (iOS and Android): Most of your efforts will be focused on the main dish and side dish items for the holidays. Leave the wine pairing to this app. Delectable offers expert wine pairing recommendations that will be sure to complement your holiday menu perfectly.

Instacart (iOS and Android): You’ll be cleaning, setting the table, prepping for the guests to come and solidifying your menu this week. Grocery shopping may be a high priority on your list, but you can get so much more done at the house in preparation for the holidays. You can use Instacart to hire a trustworthy stranger to do the shopping for you and deliver your groceries right to your door in under an hour. The holiday magic just came early this year.

Electric Gravy Boat: Gravy goes great with turkey and ham. However, the problem with gravy is that by the time it gets to the end of the table, it is usually cold. This electric gravy boat keeps your gravy nice and warm so when your second helping of turkey or ham gets plated, you can still have warm gravy to go on top.

Now that you’re up to date on all of the potential gadgets you could be using this holiday season, don’t think you need to use them all. Happy Holidays!

– By Tim Alan



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