How Tablets Will Save the Publishing Industry

Published On December 5, 2012 | Mobile

The birth of tablets like the Kindle or Nook is the best thing to happen to the publishing industry since the printing press. Not so long ago, some believed book publishing was a dying industry as reading declined among the general public and, the major publishing houses were gobbling up their competitors as were the giant bookstore chains. However, the tablets are changing that, and revitalizing the book industry in the process.

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Tablet Owners Read More Books

Statistics from a Pew Research Center study show that tablet owners are avid readers who read more books than people who do not own a tablet. The same study shows that tablet owners prefer to buy their books rather than obtain them from other sources. Some 30 percent of tablet owners say they are reading more since their purchase of the device, and the number increases with longer ownership. Tablet owners are not picky and, read books in all formats including print, and print books are still dominant in the industry. However, there is a clear shift toward digital taking place in the book industry.

Future Tablet Ownership

A Forrester Research study shows sales projections of 375 million units within the next four years. The book industry will be booming during this time assuming these tablet owners share similar traits with the current owners. The tablet will be the number one choice for reading with the public and, reading e-books and other digital publications will be common.

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Reasons Tablets are Popular Among Avid Readers

1. Tablet owners like the wide selection of books available to them. Online bookstores offer a tremendous amount of titles, and being able to search by category online is quicker and easier than doing so in person at a store.

2. The readers like being able to obtain a book quickly. There is an instant gratification in selecting a few books, paying for them and downloading them. An owner has new books to read in just a few minutes.

3. Tablet owners like to read while commuting or when traveling. Tablets are something a person usually carries with them anyway, and they weigh less than books.

Tablets are clearly encouraging people to read more and are growing more popular every year. This is good news for book publishers who are shifting their business models to prepare for the growing demand for digital reading material.



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