How to Get an Education Online

Published On September 24, 2014 | Tech Business

Improving your education is one of the best ways to increase your salary, but how can you go to school when you’ve got to work full time to pay your bills? Online courses offer a solution to this common dilemma. There are several different types of online education programs. You can find classes or programs designed for your specific needs, whether it be to get a college degree or obtain a specific certification. Here are a few options to get your online education started.


Udacity is a great resource for those looking to advance their knowledge and skills in the computer and tech sciences. Udacity offers a variety of courses with an emphasis on tech industry skills taught by industry leaders. Certifications are available in such fields as web development, software engineering, cloud computing and mobile development. Courses range from beginner level with Intro to Computer Science to the more advanced Developing Android Apps course. Udacity offers many of its classes for free, or, you can pay a premium of $150 for extra help and individualized guidance.

Class Central

Class Central makes finding free online classes from top universities like Harvard and Stanford a mouse click away. You can search for classes by subject, school or topic.


This program offers completely free courses from some of the world’s top colleges and universities, including Harvard, Berkley, Dartmouth, MIT and the University of Tokyo. You can take courses for free, or pay a small fee to earn a verified certificate of achievement, or earn actual college credit by enrolling in the school providing the class.


Coursera offers a full range of courses including math, language and engineering. For a small fee, you can earn college credit for applicable courses, university verified certificates of completion and specialization certification. With Coursera, you can choose to take classes as you please or you can follow a specialization route. Through specialization, students must complete a series of courses and a capstone project to earn a Specialization Certificate.

U.S. Career Institute

U.S. Career Institute has a variety of accredited certificate programs available for online enrollment. As the name suggests, U.S. Career Institute programs focus on certification for working in a specific career. Certificate programs include dental assistant, medical billing specialist, paralegal, and insurance claims adjuster. Tuition begins at $585 and varies by certificate program.

University of Phoenix

For those looking to start or advance their careers in such fields as health care, project management, education, or accounting, University of Phoenix offers many options. University of Phoenix is an accredited online higher-education platform which offers for-credit courses and degree programs. Tuition varies depending on your degree program and location. is another site where you can find free online classes from real universities. College credit courses are available for a fee.

Community College Courses Online

Many community colleges offer courses online. Community college courses are generally affordable and, in most cases, credits are transferable to other colleges. To find out about online community college courses available in your area, contact your local community college district.

With online courses, you can learn at your own pace. So why wait? Get started on your online education today.

– By Jessica Oaks



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