How to Have a High-Tech Halloween

Published On October 22, 2015 | Electronics

What’s spookier than a ghoulish figure on your front lawn? A moving ghoulish figure! Plain old jack-o-lanterns and strewn about cobwebs are a thing of the past. Halloween has gotten a lot more high-tech these days and here’s how you can get in on the chilling action.

Smoke Screen Shadows

Project ghost images or video onto a smoke screen for an otherworldly effect. Either purchase a pre-fab smoke screen projector or create your own with PVC piping hooked up to a fog machine (dot the piping with a string of holes and cap off the other end to redirect the fog through the holes). Once you’ve gotten your smoke screen set up, simply aim your projector and let the spooking begin.

Projected Poltergeists

Use a projector to transpose Halloween-worthy images and scenes onto your home. Make it look like Dracula or zombies are milling about inside by hanging a taught, white shower curtain on windows and then rear projecting images or videos onto it. From the outside, guests will be spooked by the apparent apparitions in your home. Or go all out and set up a projector on your lawn aimed at your home to turn your whole house into a haunted one. If you’re in an apartment, there’s still plenty of projection fun to be had: try projecting zombies and ghosts onto white walls for a haunted home on a mini scale.

Holographic Haunting

Use a hologram projector to bring lifelike, 3D images into doorways, hallways, and lawns. Without the constraints of the white screen backdrop necessary for regular projectors, using holograms allows you to haunt all over. To get a holographic effect for a fraction of the cost, use a semi-transparent material (such as bridal mesh or gauze) as the backdrop for a traditional projector. Just make sure the material is hung taught and see-through to make it appear like your otherworldly visitors are actually floating around the space.

Fog Machine Fun

There are so many great ways to incorporate a fog machine into your Halloween décor. Use piping to direct fog through a jack-o-lantern or out of a zombie’s mouth, or use a fog chiller to make fog stay low and swirling around the ground. A few strategically placed fog machines will add just the right amount of mystery and doom to Halloween night.


Set the mood with some Halloween lighting by swapping out front porch bulbs for orange ones. For a more powerful effect, replace indoor lights with green bulbs for an eerie glow from the inside out. Or string garlands of glowing pumpkin lights around trees, doorways, and banisters for a festive way to get in the Halloween spirit.

Motion-Activated Mayhem

From spooky sounds to freaky figures, step up the fright factor with motion-activated scares. Unsuspecting trick-or-treaters will shriek with delight at the sudden excitement. For a DIY take on motion-activated action, re-wire a motion-sensor driveway light to trigger creepy music and a motorized ghost. Any of the above digital decorations can be hooked up to a motion-activated sensor and/or timer for an added element of scary surprise.

It’s time to ditch the annoying cobwebs and plastic spiders. Experiment with any of these high-tech ideas for a fun and spooky Halloween this year.

– By Jessica Oaks



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