How to Start the Next Google While Living in Your Car

Published On June 4, 2013 | Tech Business

We’ve all heard the stories about entrepreneurs who came up with a great idea and cashed in big time after taking the startup public. Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are just some of today’s corporate giants that started with humble roots in a garage or even a college dorm room.

With today’s technology, it’s even easier to make the next big thing even if you don’t have a roof over your head.

At least that’s how Kurt Varner did it.

Varner lived out of his car in Silicon Valley for four months while dreaming up his business venture. According to an article Varner wrote for Forbes, he’s not the only one trying to run a business from his car:

“During my experience I saw many other people living from vehicles. It’s strange that most people are oblivious to it. There are even several other entrepreneurs I know that are taking to the streets to cut costs here in the Valley.”

See how he made it happen:



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