How to Track Down Lost Luggage at the Airport

Published On August 1, 2013 | Electronics

As summer winds down free spirited travelers are wrapping up their vacation plans and heading back home for work or school. The last way you want to end your vacation is to arrive at your final destination and wonder why your luggage isn’t at the carousel.

Unfortunately lost luggage happens more times than we’d like, and there’s no way to prevent it.

But there are ways you can locate the whereabouts of your baggage rather than having to wait a day or two to hear from the airline.

There are several products you can use to track down your lost luggage.

According to Gizmodo,

“The Trakdot… uses local cell networks to determine what city your bag is in and relays that information back to your smartphone as a text message.”

The iTrak works the same way as Trakdot but can also call or email your bag’s location.

Another option for those less tech savvy is the Trace Me luggage tracker, which is simply a tag with a unique bar code. Once law enforcement, the airline or a baggage handling representative scans the tracking tag, travelers will receive a text message notifying them of the luggage’s whereabouts.

So if you don’t want to ruin a great vacation by returning home empty handed, pick up one of these luggage tracking products.

— By Jennifer Thayer



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