HTC’s Next Flagship May See a Delay

Published On March 22, 2013 | Mobile

Consumers looking to get their hands on the latest flagship phone from HTC, the HTC One, might be a little disappointed as the company is dealing with phone shortages that could cause the release date to be pushed back to April. This comes from reports to the Wall Street Journal from stores that would carry the device.

Techies who are interested in what’s causing the holdup cam blame the casing and camera. The camera is the best that HTC has included in its phones thus far, and it’s due to more than just hardware. HTC has only given its camera 4.3 megapixels, but a smart flash function means the phone’s camera will use more or less light based on the distance between the lens and the subject.

Furthermore, HTC’s UltraPixel technology software uses a new image signal processor that actually produces better images than the 13MP camera in the Galaxy S4, which will come out this summer, according to a comparison review by The Droid Guy. Further improvements include the ability to take shots in sequence or remove objects from photos.

Always Smile lets users merge group photos to find the perfect shot where everyone’s showing their pearly whites. HTC has also upped its game with the front-facing camera, which has increased its megapixel count to 2.1.

The camera isn’t the only impressive feature of the upcoming HTC One, though. The phone is equipped with a 1.7 GHz processor, and the manufacturer has packed just as many pixels — 468 per inch — into its 4.7-inch display as it has into the photos that the phone can take. This makes the HTC One a full HD phone. The Infinity Glass screen is intended to minimize glare, too.

Some might not like that the aluminum shell means there’s no room for a microSD card slot, but it sure does make the phone attractive. The phone will be available with either 32 or 64 GB hard drives with 2 GB of memory.

HTC advertises that this is a rugged phone on the official product page, which will make many consumers happy. It also creates room for an improved sound experience with dual stereo speakers in the front of the phone. HTC calls the integrated amplifier and sound system, BoomSound, and it will be interesting to see how it really compares against older devices.

HTC continues to focus on its own branding and proprietary software and settings, rather than pointing out that it’s creating devices running on the Android operating system. While the Galaxy S4 will ship with the newest version, Android 4.2, the HTC One will hit shelves with 4.1. But that doesn’t mean that the manufacturers and carriers won’t update it.

However, not everything is dire. An official HTC representative called claims of release delays “speculative” according to the L.A. Times. The company is still focusing on shipping preorders at the end of March. However, that date is quickly approaching.

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