Hulu Has a New Treat for Gamers

Published On December 28, 2012 | Gaming

Hulu has been a crowd favorite for some time because the service provides convenient online streaming to your computer, television and mobile devices. Hulu’s paid subscription service might be one that you see as more convenient than cable or satellite TV, and, now the company is offering a video game hub.

Of course, you’re not actually going to Hulu to play all those games. Rather, the hub provides a way to easily watch trailers for upcoming game releases. The trailer index and individual pages use much the same format as you’ve come to expect from Hulu for other content. If the trailer is intended for mature audiences, you will also have to log in with your Facebook or Hulu account to verify your age.

Hulu likely released this new addition prior to the holiday season to help shoppers find the best gifts for their loved ones without all the madness. If there’s a gamer in your life, you can simply sit them down in front of Hulu’s new video game section and find out exactly which video game he or she wants. Ideally, you can shop from your own home without tempting fate in crowded stores and shopping malls, but Hulu hasn’t added a way to direct you to Amazon or other marketplaces to make your purchases. This seems like the next logical step, and affiliate fees with stores or deals from the game developers themselves would certainly help to ensure that the service remains profitable.

This new service for Hulu is only available on your PC at this time, which means you can’t browse trailers on your phone as you’re waiting in the doctor’s office. Hulu plans to eventually make the game hub available to users of its paid subscription service, which will run $8 per month.

Some visitors have already admitted confusion to this new development from Hulu, however. Many video games have the same source or are based off of media that Hulu might not include. For example, Hulu now shows trailers for “The Walking Dead” video game, but viewers still cannot see AMC’s smash zombie drama on the website. Comments on the game’s page show this confusion, with many directing other users to catch the popular television series on Netflix, a direct competitor of Hulu.

It will be interesting to see whether consumers really want a Hulu channel dedicated solely to video game trailers, or if they simply want to continue to use Hulu to watch TV shows and movies like they always have. There hasn’t been a lot of buzz about Hulu’s new video game hub as of yet, and hardcore gamers already have similar services available to them if they have an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Only time will tell if this new option from Hulu is something that gamers are interested in.



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