Labor Day Weekend Travels: The Apps You Need

Published On August 27, 2018 | App & Software

Labor Day weekend calls for backyard barbecues, sandy picnics, and non-stop traffic. According to Travel and Leisure, over 86% of Americans travel for Labor Day weekend. If you’re planning on joining the herd, make sure you’re prepared. Here are the travel apps you need to make your trip a success.


Whether you’re road-tripping through your home-state or driving to the airport, beat the traffic with Waze. This community-based navigation app alerts you on traffic jams, road hazards, and nearby police. It will even reroute you when approaching traffic. If you’re sitting in the passenger seat, the Waze app can keep you entertained, too. As a community-based navigation app, it depends on “heads up” from other drivers to keep the app up-to-date. The same goes for you. See a cop on the side of the road? Report it on the app to help other drivers stay alert. You know what they say about karma: what goes around comes around. Help other drivers and they might help save you travel time this Labor Day weekend.


If you’re planning on making a last-minute trip this Labor Day weekend, hotels might be booked. Before panicking, check Airbnb. This easy-to-use app help you find your ideal vacation rental. Simply set your stay duration, dates, city, price range and voila – a library of accommodations at your fingertips. Choose from large homes, city apartments, beach bungalows, or tree-houses. Best of all, you can even find unique experiences through Airbnb. Local tourists can take you on exclusive excursions around the city, the kind you won’t find online. Enjoy everything your weekend-spot has to offer with help from Airbnb.


One weekend isn’t a lot of time to explore a city. Make your trip worth the travel with help from TripAdvisor. View the most popular attractions the city offers with help from reviews and ratings. From bike tours and boat trips to landmarks and museums, take the city by storm. Or, for those staying at home this weekend, be a tourist in your own city by visiting the top attractions. With TripAdvisor, you’ll make the most of your long weekend.


The first step to a successful trip is making sure you’ve packed the right belongings. Toothbrush? Check. Pajamas? Check. But, what about your swimsuit? Apps like PackPoint take the “uh oh’s” out of packing by creating the perfect checklist for your trip. Select your destination, dates of travel, and any activities in which you may be partaking. PackPoint uses this info alongside weather forecasts to create your customized packing list. So, if a hurricane is predicted to roll by during your beach getaway, PackPoint will help you prepare by adding a raincoat and umbrella to your list. No matter where you’re headed this weekend, PackPoint has you covered.

Traveling on Labor Day weekend can be hectic. But, there’s good news – with apps like Waze and TripAdvisor, you can skip the chaos and make the most of your travel time. From the slopes to the beach, soak up the long-weekend in peace.



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