Look Into the Future: Virtual Reality Gaming Takes Hold

Published On April 16, 2014 | Gaming

The further we advance into the digital age, the more advanced everything seems to become. Looking back, the classic 1980s movies, “Back to the Future,” unknowingly foreshadowed many things from our modern times. In fact, two of the newest gaming technologies — Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus –seem like they are straight out of those movies that were released nearly 30 years ago.

Two virtual-reality innovations are the future of gaming tech and both have become a hot button topic, especially when compared to even new gaming systems such as PlayStation 4 and XBOX One which already seem dated by comparison.

Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift Lead the Pack

Project Morpheus, which is the Sony version of virtual reality gaming, is a headset players wear while gaming, with the images of your video game appearing in front of their eyes.

So far, Sony has announced two games that will be released through Project Morpheus. The first one is “Project Cars,” which is a racing game with exceptional graphics. Project Morpheus makes for the perfect platform for racing games, due to the virtual reality aspects, compared to simply looking at racing through the eyes of a windshield. A second game, “Until Dawn,” will be released with a peripheral design that makes the experience and gameplay better than if you were playing it via a television screen.

Oculus Rift is another next generation virtual reality headset gaming device that features low latency 360 degree head tracking. Each movement of your head is tracked in real time, which creates an intuitive experience, much like you would view images in the real world. The device itself looks somewhat similar to the Project Morpheus, as it rests over your eyes with a strap in the back.

When you consider these differences when comparing the gaming devices to such devices as the XBOX One or Sony PlayStation4, it is apparent that the virtual reality gaming experience is unparalleled.

If you are wearing one of the virtual reality gaming devices, you will look like you are already living in the future. Project Morpheus looks like a combination of snowboarding goggles and a biking helmet. Oculus has a sharper design that is a bit heavier and while it won’t necessarily strain your neck, Project Morpheus wins for comfort and design.

Virtual Reality Games Trickling Out

As far as games, so far Oculus holds the advantage. Oculus Rift has a bit more developer support than Project Morpheus, which currently has more demos than it does actual games. The variety of games for Oculus Rift is quite high, as well. Hopefully Sony will soon back up Project Morpheus a bit more to help it get its feet off the ground.

As far as pricing, the two are pretty close, although we don’t know exactly how much each will cost. Project Morpheus is supposed to cost anywhere from $300 to $500, when you consider the quality of the gaming and headset, while the Oculus Rift is supposed to debut at $299, although the compatibility of the devices on which it can be played has yet to be determined.

The bottom line is that there is still a bit of testing that needs to be done on both virtual reality devices but as both are developed, they are sure to be the future of gaming.

— By Tim Alan



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