Make Room for Baby With These Cool Conception and Pregnancy Apps

Published On June 25, 2013 | App & Software

We use smartphone and tablet apps for just about every other aspect of our lives — finding a recipe for dinner, streaming a movie or sports event or connecting with our loved ones via social media or video chat.

Why not take advantage of a mobile app during the exciting and emotional process of conception and pregnancy? Whether you and your partner are trying to conceive, or are already enjoying your burgeoning bump, here are some apps to download before the baby comes.

During Conception: Period Tracker – free for Android and iPhone

As the name suggests, this app tracks your period and ovulation cycle. After inputting personal information, including the start and end dates of your period, the app will alert you when you’re in prime babymaking mode. Period Tracker will predict your future periods, ovulation cycles and most fertile days. There are also ways to record your moods and symptoms and list questions to ask your doctor at your next appointment.

Alternatives: Ovuline (for iOS) and My Days (for Android gadgets)

For Pregnancy Photos: CineMama – free for iOS

CineMama lets you take photos of your baby bump throughout your entire pregnancy and at the end of your pregnancy, it compiles all of the photos into a movie accompanied by a sweet soundtrack.

Alternatives: Belly Snaps (iOS)

For Pregnancy Diet Questions: Pregnancy Food Guide – $2.99 for Android

This app features hundreds of foods in many categories, with the benefits and dangers of each. Pregnancy Food Guide also offers a shopping list feature to help you collate pregnancy super foods to buy.

Alternatives: Foods to Avoid When Pregnant (iOS)

To Track Pregnancy Symptoms: BabyBump Pregnancy – free for iOS and Android

The BabyBump pregnancy app counts down the days to your due date and indicates what symptoms you may experience at different points of your pregnancy. For example, it might tell you that varicose veins are common during Week 33 of your pregnancy because of the weight of your growing baby, hormones and increased blood volume.

Alternatives: I’m Expecting (Android)

To Watch the Baby’s Development: Pregnancy –$2.99 for iOS and Android (lite version available)

After inputting your due date, this app will give you daily/weekly updates on what is happening in your body and how your baby is growing. The app also offers personalization options for dads and grandparents, diet and exercise advice as well as health and weight tracking.

Alternatives: Sprout (for iOS)

For Choosing a Name: Baby Names – free for iOS and Android

The Baby Names app has a database of more than 30,000 names and includes information about the origins, meanings and popularity of each name. You can even save your favorites as you browse through the options.

Alternatives: My Baby Names & Meanings (Android), World Baby Names (iOS)

You’ll surely have plenty of questions while you’re pregnant and may feel the urge to document every step (perhaps to help prepare you for the next kid!) Let your smartphone apps work for you as you enjoy the process.

– By Lauren Triolo

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