Make the Most of Spring With These Top Apps

Published On April 8, 2014 | App & Software

It’s spring time and that means the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the college students are breaking (spring breaking that is)! There’s an incredible variety of outdoors inspired apps like hiking apps, biking apps, star gazing apps, even bird identifying apps. You can make the most out of spring with these top spring inspired apps.


If you want to enjoy the fresh, crisp spring air with a little hiking or biking, try using EveryTrail. EveryTrail has a user-generated database full of local trails, maps, photos, and ratings. You can upload your tracked hikes or use EveryTrail to explore new, nearby trails.


Spring is a great time for looking up at the night sky. You could plan a fun family night or romantic date spent looking up at the stars (and actually knowing what you’re looking at) with the help of star gazing apps like SkyView.

SkyView is free or you can upgrade to the premium version for $1.99. SkyView calibrates to your location. When you move over objects in the sky, the app will give you information about what you’re looking at so you can impress your kids or that special someone.

iBird Lite

Spring is also a great time to enjoy the beauty of local wildlife, specifically birds. For the casual bird watcher, iBird Lite is a great little smartphone pocket guide. The iBird Lite app allows you to type in characteristics like size, color, and location to help identify birds or simply search through the database of birds. The app includes song recordings, photos, and in depth descriptions to help you identify birds on the go.

If you’re not the outdoorsy type but rather more interested in vacationing this spring, then these apps may be right for you.


Plan on flying to your vacation destination? You can be prepared with the help of the MyTSA app. MyTSA provides the latest flight statuses and weather conditions, and also includes a full list of security guidelines so you will know exactly how much sun tan lotion you can pack or if you can bring your tweezers in carry on.

Travel Budget Tracker

Though not all vacationing spring breakers are strapped for cash college kids, most everyone could benefit from the Travel Budget Tracker app. Travel Budget tracker helps you keep track of spending while on vacation so you don’t go too crazy with the Jell-O shots or “all I got was this lousy t-shirt” souvenirs. This free app allows you to keep an eye on spending through customized categories.


Help reduce the stress of keeping your flights, car rental, or hotel reservations straight with TripIt. TripIt helps keep all of your reservations in order and in one spot. All you have to do is forward any vacation confirmation emails to TripIt. The app will then store your reservation or flight information, complete with itinerary and maps. TripIt even includes directions to help you get from place to place, allowing you to enjoy your vacation in complete relaxation.

Don’t let the beautiful months of spring pass you by! Make this spring one to remember.

– By Jennifer Thayer 



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