Make Your Journey Memorable with Summer Road Trip Apps

Published On August 13, 2014 | App & Software

It’s hard to believe summer is more than halfway over. There is still time though, to squeeze in one more epic road trip before the seasons change. Utilize some of the following road trip apps to make the most of sunny-day cruising.


An ideal road trip would include a balance of careful planning sprinkled with some spontaneity, and the Roadtrippers app allows for just that. If you’re a bit more Type A when it comes to mapping out trips, you’ll appreciate how this application helps you plan a trip from start-to-finish via smartphone, and with the option to sync to a computer, you can use “downtime” at work to update the bucket list as well.

Free spirits can also benefit from Roadtrippers by looking up things to do on the fly in categories ranging from “Offbeat Attractions” to “Diners & Drive-ins” and breweries. The built-in GPS gives turn-by-turn directions and presents relevant information, pulling up pictures and reviews of places you would likely be interested in discovering along the way.


The last thing you want during a road trip is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere running on empty. GasBuddy is not only great for locating nearby gas stations but also finds the cheapest fuel options to support the vacationing budget, which results in money better spent on things like… snacks at rest stops and souvenirs.

Field Trip

Bring it back to the days of fourth grade – the Field Trip app acts like your very own GPS-guided tour guide. While driving, visual cards pop up in real-time as you pass interesting sites and provide all the need-to-know information about each attraction. Select local feeds to cater towards your interests for a truly personalized excursion. This app will help you discover, learn history and act like a local in new places of exploration that may have remained hidden without it.


When you’re looking for a place to crash for the night, there are so many choices. You’ll need a reliable app to filter your sleeping requirements and price boundaries easily and conveniently. Agoda helps you book a hotel with the best price guaranteed. This is convenience all in the palm of your hand so you can get a good night’s and conquer new adventures the next day.

Mad Libs

Sure to entertain, Mad Libs, the word game classic, is now available as an app. Sitting in confined spaces with friends and family almost always leads to bonding – kick start the good times by involving everyone in the fun. Fill in the blanks with silly adverbs, adjectives and nouns to complete a hilarious story – one that’ll go down in the books.

As an added bonus, the app features voice recognition so the driver can add his/her two cents and still have a hands-free approach to participate safely. You can even add a picture (possibly of the surrounding highway scenery) to visually complete the collaborative anecdote.

Now that you know these useful apps will make your next road trip even more fun, what are you waiting for? Get to packing and start downloading because adventure lies ahead.

– By Jessica Oaks



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