Making Sure Your TV Has That Wow Factor

Published On December 5, 2012 | Electronics

When picking a house to watch the Super Bowl or play the newest Wii game, do you have what it takes to impress your friends? With these televisions offering everything from on screen web browsing, cinematic 3D quality and inky black clarity to rival the big screen, friends and family will know exactly who has the best TV– just make sure you have the snacks to go with it.
Go Big or Go Home-

If you love big screen TVs, nothing bests the LG 65-inch Cinema 3D 1080p LED-LCD HDTV with smart technology. You can find this TV on Amazon for around $2,000. This television has some of the best gadgets built right in, like Wi-Fi connectivity. You can surf the web, watch your favorite movies in true cinematic 3D quality and watch sports games in the highest definition with crystal clear picture. If the 65-inch is just a little out of your price range, you can pick up the 55-inch for $1,369 with all of the same amazing features.
The TV Geek’s Mistress-

For those of you who love the new Wi-Fi and 3D technology in televisions, the top pick goes to LG’s 42-inch Class 1080P 120 Hz LED TV with smart technology. Not only does this TV allow viewers to browse countless sites, play games and watch HD movies, you can seamlessly switch back to regular TV programming. The TV also comes with space for 1,000 apps, so users can add Facebook, Twitter and Pandora. In addition, the LG Class connects to ethernet or Wi-Fi, and it comes with an on screen keypad to type URLs as well as bookmark and Internet history. You can find your favorite websites in a flash and show everyone that new YouTube in dazzling 1080p.
Nature Channel in 3D-

For those who judge strictly on picture quality, the Panasonic TV-PVT50 series has the best picture quality, top-rated by CNET editors. Deep black levels, precise color and overall uniformity gave it a nearly perfect five-star rating. In addition, this TV comes with some great perks, including a Wi-Fi built-in browser and 3D capability. The 55-inch Panasonic VIERA 1080 Full HD 3D Plasma ranges in price from the low $1,837 to $2,499.99 on Amazon.
The Ultimate: The New 4K TV-

Recently unveiled at the IFA Technology Show in Berlin, the newest ultimate in TV entertainment is the 4K. With screen resolutions four times greater than the current HDTVs and professional cinematic picture, many people are looking forward to the release of the new 4K TVs this fall. LG, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba are releasing their new 4K lines this year. However, if you truly want the top quality, Panasonic is the only one going for the 8K TV set with resolution four times greater than the other 4K competitors and 16 times greater than full HD. However, one drawback for the new TV is lack of space. While you may have a 4K TV, you can’t necessarily store your 4K films directly on the TV yet.
In addition, look for new screen technology with organic light emitting diode (OLED), which was also unveiled at IFA this year. These televisions produce brighter and sharper images than the current HDTV selections with an ultra-thin TV set to go with it. OLED has yet to be released, but Samsung promises a new OLED 55-inch will be released in 2013.



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