More Than 2 Billion Minutes a Day Spent on Skype

Published On April 9, 2013 | Tech Business

New devices have transformed this decade into the technological age. But it looks like tech users are having separation anxiety. Even though billions of text messages are sent each day, it’s not the same as communicating with a person face to face. That’s why more people are turning to Skype and other VoIP services.

According to Mashable, Skype recently announced that:

“…users are spending more than two billion minutes a day connecting with one another via the video-chat platform — enough time to watch 16 million movies or travel to the moon and back 225,000 times.”

Not only are desktop users taking advantage of the program, so are mobile users.

“Skype has been growing in its number of minutes at double digit rate for a steady time,” Elisa Steele, corporate VP of marketing at Skype, told Mashable. “The number of mobile users continues to grow at a very strong rate too, not just from the desktop but other devices, as well.”

Skype recently announced that it was joining forces with Windows Live Messenger. The upgrade will roll out to Windows desktop on April 8 before heading out to other platforms.

It looks like more users are taking advantage of this VoIP service. How often do you Skype?

— By Jennifer Thayer



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