Most Addicting Mobile Games Of 2013

Published On August 5, 2013 | Mobile

Mobile games are great for entertaining people for various lengths of time. Whether you’re trying to pass a few minutes at the bus stop or need a distraction for an hour-long ride, mobile games will keep you occupied.

Here are a few of the most addicting mobile games of 2013.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is still one of the most addicting mobile games available out there. With new content constantly pouring in, it is very effective in making you come back to the game and face new challenges. The great thing about this game is the fact that it is suitable for everyone, thus making it fun to play together with the whole family. Angry Birds is available at both the Google Play Store and at iTunes.

Plants vs. Zombies

This game became a huge hit when it was released in 2009 by PopCap. The idea of defending your home and life from brain-hungry zombies is depicted in numerous movies and hit TV shows nowadays, but PopCap made it more fun. Even gaming critics love the peashooters, cherry bombs and, of course, the different types of zombies (quarterbacks and pole vaulters) tottering on your lawn. Find Plants vs. Zombies at the Apple or Android app stores.


There are numerous Sudoku mobile games available. OpenSudoku is a great option because it is free to use and has a great simple interface. The Android app is also open for users to add their own content, which makes it very challenging and fun to use. Sudoku games are great because you are truly working your brain while playing, and solving a game gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

Warhammer Quest

This is a great basic game that provides exactly the sort of fantasy experience you would expect from the onset. This is a game that will surely attract anyone who has ever played online multiplayer games such as World Of Warcraft. You can spend hours with this great iOS game as you embark on adventures through the dungeons of the Warhammer World.

Fruit Ninja

Whoever thought of this game is a complete genius. It is so simple yet incredibly addictive. All you really need to do is rapidly slice the fruits being tossed on the screen to pieces without dropping it. You get a point every time you slice the fruit. The game is available at booth the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Whether you’re looking to distract yourself for five minutes or an hour, these addicting games are sure to pass the time. For more news about games, and movies, check out

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