Most Comic Con Fans Use iPhones!

Published On July 24, 2013 | Comic Con

The Freshly Techy street team braved the chaos at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con to ask fans hard-hitting questions. After four crazy days at Comic Con, we finally have the burning answers you’ve been asking for so long.

We polled hundreds of Comic Con attendees to find out who was for Apple or Android, Marvel or DC, Facebook or Twitter and Xbox or PlayStation.

Check out our infographic below to see what a Comic Con fan looks like.

Disclaimer: Freshly Techy is not responsible for any fist fights or breakups caused as a result of these controversial findings. 

Comic Con Fans and Technology

The breakdown: The average Comic Con attendee is … a male who has an Apple, prefers Marvel, uses Facebook, plays Xbox and does not wear a costume.

Do you match the description of a typical Comic Con fan?



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