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Published On August 27, 2014 | Tech Business

Listening to music is more than just a way to kill time for many people. Luckily for music fans there are numerous options for enjoying music. In addition to popular music outlets like Spotify and Pandora, those seeking soul-benefiting tunes need to also know the less mainstream, untapped happiness hubs out there. Limiting your listening options leads to less discovery – it’s time to open your minds and ears to some great music streaming services you may not have heard of.

Hype Music

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in music it to get Hype Music. This in-the-know music service aggregates up-and-coming jams from approximately 1,500 music blogs. Experience a true “first listen” and be that person that knows a song before it hits the masses and gets played out. Although the app does cost $3.99, it’s completely worth the ultimate access you get to the latest music, along with the blogs that hype it up.


This service features shows, DJ mixes and podcasts on demand. An ideal platform particularly for artists, Mixcloud allows unlimited free uploads and artists are paid royalties they deserve. Furthermore, registered users can use the social media component to promote and distribute content, spreading the rhythmic word to the people.

NPR Music

Brought to you by well-known news broadcasting source, National Public Radio (NPR), is the lesser known but just as fruitful NPR Music. More of a resource for new music and music news – you can use this service for continuous streaming via various channels populated by music from NPR Music and public radio stations.

Milk Music

The one common thing about music streaming services is kill-the-vibe advertisements, or paying a fee to avoid them. Milk Music by Samsung is exclusive to Samsung users and offers ad-free music with the ability to search for any song and customize stations to your tastes so you can enjoy actual uninterrupted listening.


If you’re not one to pick favorites, Whyd is for you. It lets you pull your favorite music from multiple sources and put everything in one place. Whether it’s the hottest hit music video on YouTube or a banging DJ mix on Soundcloud, Whyd makes it easy to listen to it all and share your sought-out playlists with friends.


Let Songza be a “Music Concierge” and cater music to your moments. With an extremely user-friendly interface, Songza helps you effortlessly build playlists using click-thru icons. For example, your “Concierge” will display “It’s Tuesday Late Morning, play music for… Working in an Office” or “Working (No Lyrics),” or even “Keeping Calm & Mellow.” Additionally, you can browse categories like Activities, Genres, Moods and Decades. Google recently acquired Songza in July so you know this thing is backed by a mega-power.


What sets 8tracks apart from other online radio services is its humanized element of “refreshingly human playlists” versus computerized, algorithm-run music streaming. This is a place where you can throw it back to the good old days when you’d make your friend a mix tape. Handcraft a playlist of eight tracks or more to share, or discover a new song rotation that floats your boat, made by music lovers like yourself.

Start marching to a different tune by adding these services in the musical reel. Your playlist is about to get exponentially bigger, so get ready to rock on, jam out and let the beat bump.

– By Jennifer Thayer



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