Must-Have Tech for Spring Break

Published On March 28, 2018 | Electronics

Spring break is the perfect time to have fun and unwind. If you’re like most of us, you’re thanking the powers that be that spring break has hit early this year. Whether your spring break is already in full swing or just around the corner, you can get the most out of your time to unwind with our picks for must-have tech for spring break.

Waterproof Your Smartphone

If you plan on lounging by the pool or at the beach this spring break, a waterproof case for your smartphone is just what you need to prevent water and sand from destroying your phone. With the Mpow waterproof case, you can even take pictures with your smartphone underwater so you can document that epic underwater handstand—after all if there’s no pictures, it didn’t happen. This waterproof case fits virtually all smartphones up to six inches and even makes a good holder for credit cards and cash.

Make Your Photos Social Media Worthy

Whether you’re partying it up or relaxing on spring break, you can take your photos to the next level with a photo editing app, like VSCO. VSCO makes it easy to edit and alter photos on the go for the perfect Instagram or Facebook post. Or you could upload social media worthy pictures directly from your digital camera with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190. The PowerShot has built-in Wi-Fi along with built-in filters and lenses to upload and transform photos all from your camera.

Keep Tabs on Expenses

If you’re going to spend spring break with your friends, you can make sure everyone is squared away when you hit the bars or go out to eat with the Splitwise app. Splitwise makes it easy to split expenses with friends by doing all the math for you. It splits tabs and even keeps a running total so friends can pay each other in one lump sum. Splitwise even has an app called Plates that’s just for dining out. Plates lets you break a restaurant bill by each dish and will even calculate shared items, tax and tip to help you and your friends eliminate the headache of splitting the check at the end of the meal.

Never Run out of Power

A dead smartphone can put a damper on any day, but it would be a total buzzkill during spring break. With a portable charger, you can avoid missing texts to meet up with friends and ensure your phone is powered up when you need to open your Maps app. The Revive charging bracelet let’s you charge your iPhone or Android device anywhere. The Revive charging bracelet is designed for both men and women with a simple braided leather band and is available in a variety of colors, including black, white, army green, turquoise, and denim blue.

If you plan to travel this spring break, luggage with a built-in charger is a must-have. Away is a great choice when looking for luggage with charging capabilities as its removable built-in battery can be used to charge any USB device. Furthermore, the charging function of Away luggage doesn’t take away from the quality of the luggage. All sizes of Away luggage, from carry-on to large, have an unbreakable outer shell, wheels that rotate 360° and multiple internal compartments to keep your personal items organized.

These are just a handful of apps and gadgets that can help make your spring break stress-free and fun. What are some tech must-haves on your list for spring break this year?



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