Must-Pack Survival Gadgets for Coachella

Published On April 8, 2013 | Electronics

Coachella can be the adventure of a lifetime or an absolute disaster depending on how well prepared you are. The sold out 2013 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is just around the corner and festivalgoers are gearing up for the three-day escapade. Surviving the desert heat and the multitude of circumstances that may arise over the course of the festival requires utmost preparation. Here are a few gadgets and everyday items you’ll be happy to have brought when tackling daily obstacles.

Hydration & Cooling

With the weather forecast predicting temperatures in the 90s, water and cooling is a priority. Stay stocked with bulk supplies of bottled water or large water jugs. Camelbacks can help keep a surplus of water on one’s back at all times. Handheld and battery-powered misters are a godsend in the heat. And never underestimate the effectiveness of shade provided by beach umbrellas or canopies.


Don’t forget about nightfall. Although there are floodlights that light the campgrounds, personal lighting will come in handy for late-night activities and trips to the bathroom. Bring handheld flashlights, personal lanterns or even battery powered Christmas lights to illuminate your camp spot.

Batteries & Power

Spare batteries always come in handy. It’s also a good idea to pick up a portable phone USB charger pack. These can be used to resurrect a dead phone on the go inside the festival and recharge themselves at night. Additional power can be taken from a car’s DC outlet with an AC power inverter. Electronics that use a wall outlet can be plugged in and powered by a car’s battery.

First Aid Kit

People are bound to suffer minor scrapes and cuts over the course of the weekend. Band Aids, Neosporin, gauze and other first aid supplies can keep one patched up and going strong until the end of the festival.

Tools, Zip-Ties and Duct Tape

Sometimes a campsite needs a quick DIY repair over the course of the festival. Tents, canopies, camping equipment and even festival wear can be patched with household items. One can never be too prepared with these tools.


The sound levels at Coachella can reach blistering levels. Avoid experiencing hearing damage that can cause ear ringing and hinder long-term hearing by using earplugs throughout the weekend. Even affordable earplugs can make a major difference.

Portable Speaker

Battery-powered speakers can keep the party going in the campgrounds. Portable pocket speakers are relatively cheap and are a great way to play music from a cell phone or mp3 player. These run on batteries and provide moderate amounts of personal amplification.

Point-and-Shoot Camera

Quick snapshots can be taken with a cell phone but point-and-shoot cameras provide far superior photo quality than the average smartphone. The flash built in to most cell phones is low powered and produce poor nighttime images. A point-and-shoot camera will capture important moments with less sensitivity to poor lighting.

Make the most of Coachella 2013 by being well-prepared for the three-day adventure. It’s important to double check for essential items before leaving for the festival. These are just some of the tools and gadgets that can make camping at Coachella a breeze.

What will you refuse to attend Coachella without? Share your most important items you recommend others to bring with them.

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— By Andrew Flores 

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