Navigating Through the Best Weather Apps

Published On July 11, 2013 | App & Software

Weather apps allow users to get the latest updates on forecasts from locations that are both local and halfway around the world. While most smartphones and tablets already come with a basic weather app, there are several others available that cater to a variety of weather needs including marine and beach forecasts, tide tables and snow reports.

Chances are most people don’t stick around to watch weather reports on the local news. Having a weather app available helps them plan their day, weekend or even vacation.

Here is a list of some of the more popular free weather apps found in various app stores.

The Weather Channel

A great companion to the popular cable television channel, this app gives up-to-the-minute, detailed weather forecasts, beach and marine reports, and more. Save favorite travel and commuter routes to see how they are affected by the weather, and receive severe weather badges and push alerts.

Download The Weather Channel app on iTunes, AppWorld and Google Play.


WeatherBug operates its own weather network and identifies specific weather conditions for any given neighborhood. It also has WeatherBug Tracking Stations that provide live, streaming conditions. Besides alerts from the National Weather Service, WeatherBug also issues localized alerts.

WeatherBug is available on Google Play and iTunes.


One of the more popular weather apps, AccuWeather provides users with not only weather reports, but various other forecasts including health, travel, outdoor, home and garden, and hurricanes. Users can also receive up-to-the moment weather conditions, as well as outlooks for the month ahead. Customize AccuWeather to any location either at home or while on vacation. The app also has live weather radars to view.

Download AccuWeather on iTunes and Google Play.

Pocket Weather

Users who want weather forecasts directly from METAR stations may want to use Pocket Weather. This app provides detailed and accurate conditions, as well as short-term forecasts to pilots worldwide. PocketWeather also integrates earthquake tracking, a lightning stopwatch, and local, regional, national and world weather maps, and METAR stations.

You can find PocketWeather on iTunes.

GO Weather Forecasts & Widgets

Users looking for a weather app that forgoes the bells and whistles and just concentrates on basic weather forecasting should download GO Weather. The app updates local weather about every 30 minutes, and posts a weekly forecast at the bottom of the screen.

GO Weather is an Android-based app available on Google Play.

Checking the weather is something most people do, whether it’s at home or while on vacation. It’s best to have a reliable weather app so you always know what to expect before you step outside.

— By Jessica Oaks



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