Oops! The Best Types of Cases to Help Protect Your Smartphone

Published On March 11, 2013 | Mobile

Even the most careful smartphone owner can get butter fingers. When an iPhone or other smartphone is dropped and hits the ground, the touch screen and case might become cracked or shattered. Thankfully, there are dozens of products on the market designed to keep cell phones safe even when they are dropped.

Cell phone cases are made from a wide variety of materials and each one has its own benefits and limitations. Whether you’re prone to dropping your phone or just looking to protect your device from normal wear and tear, the type of case you choose depends on your needs, taste and budget.

Here is an overview of some the best types of cases to protect your smartphone.

Polycarbonate Cases

Polycarbonate is type of tough, durable plastic used in some smartphone cases today. Polycarbonate is the same material used in bulletproof windows, so you can be assured it will offer maximum protection for your smartphone. Polycarbonate cases are lightweight while providing great strength against drops and other potential cell phone damage.

Plastic Cases

Plastic cases offer protection from bumps and scratches while allowing you to add style and personality to your phone. Plastic smartphone cases are available in many different colors and patterns so you can change the look of your phone on a regular basis. Plastic cases are a durable and inexpensive way to protect your phone from potential chips and cracks. Hard plastic cases can help save your phone from cracking or breaking by absorbing the shock of a fall.

Carbon Fiber Cases

Carbon fiber is a strong, lightweight material, so cell phone cases made from it offer a high level of protection against damage. Carbon fiber cases are ideal for protecting phones from falls on concrete or hard tile — falls which can result in cracked screens and other major damage. Carbon fiber offers greater protection than plastic cases and generally is more expensive than plastic.

Silicone Cases

Silicone is another popular material used for making smartphone cases. Silicone cases are flexible skins which offer great protection against low-impact drops by helping absorb the impact of a fall to reduce damage to your phone. These cases also offer protection from scratches and minor dings. Silicone cases come in a variety of colors and designs and are perfect for protecting your phone from life’s everyday bumps and damage.

Metal Cases

Metal smartphone cases, sometimes made of aluminum, are hard and sturdy. Metal cases offer protection from falls and daily scratches and chips to help preserve the appearance of your phone. Metal cell phone cases are available in different colors or even a beautiful brushed metal finish.

Leather Cases

Leather cases are a popular aesthetic choice for smartphone protection. Though leather cases can protect your phone from scratches and chips, they don’t provide the strongest protection when it comes to dropping your phone. A leather case may be right for you if you are only looking for minimal protection from daily wear.

Smartphone cases range in price, from a few dollars to over $100, but when it comes to protecting an expensive smartphone, the price of the case is well worth it. You never know when you might drop your phone so be sure to protect your smartphone with the perfect case.

— By Stephanie Willingham



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