Pass on Your Patriotic Spirit With These Fun Apps

Published On July 3, 2013 | App & Software

It’s never too late for children to learn about patriotism and expand upon the lessons taught in school. Patriotic apps for smartphones, iPods and tablets offer just that.

Through U.S. geography games, history quizzes and games that test one’s knowledge of U.S. presidents, children can get a better grasp on what this country stands for, as well as the foundation of its birth.

U.S. History Quiz

Older kids can get a better grasp of U.S. culture and history with this timed trivia quiz app. Players are tested on everything from the discovery of North America to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as well as on presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. The app is available for children four and older.

Download U.S. History Quiz for free from Google Play.


This is a great app to use while traveling this summer. HISTORY Here is an easy-to-use, interactive guide to many historic sites in the United States. Developed by A&E Television Networks and the History Channel, this app also includes an interface of videos, photos and maps, as well as fun facts about these sites. Intended for children ages four and up.

HISTORY Here is available free on iTunes and Google Play.

Stack the States

This is a great way for kids to learn the names and locations of the 50 states and have fun at the same time. Players identify states by shape and description and stack them to earn points. Stack the States was voted “Best Kids App for iPad!” at the Best App Ever Awards. It’s great for children ages four and up.

Download Stack the States for 99 cents from iTunes.

Presidents vs. Aliens

From the creator of Stack the States, this app allows players to use their knowledge of presidential facts, nicknames, quotes and historical events to defeat aliens. Kids can also review what they know about the U.S. presidents through 44 informative flash cards. This is a great game for ages four and up.

For 99 cents, users can download Presidents vs. Aliens from iTunes.

U.S. Geography by Discovery Education

Kids can become an expert in U.S. Geography with this popular patriotic app. Players can watch videos, take challenges and compete against their friends. It’s a great way to learn about the geographical layout of the United States. Recommended for ages four and up.

Download U.S. Geography by Discovery Education for 99 cents on iTunes.

U.S. State Flashcards

With this app, players are introduced to multiple challenges about the United States such as state mottos, flags, nicknames, capitals and population demographics. It’s a great app to play with your friends or to supplement a classroom assignment on a similar topic. Intended for ages four and up.

Download U.S. State Flashcards for free on iTunes.

Start teaching your children about the United States and patriotism at a young age and give them an advantage when the subjects arise in school.

— By Jessica Oaks



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