Q1 2013 Tech Business Roundup

Published On April 15, 2013 | Tech Business

With the numbers for Q1 2013 now in, we are seeing tech business trends for the coming year. New devices and updates to current software will be affecting the marketplace. Here is a roundup of the leading industry trends to help you stay ahead of the curve this year.

More Tablet Devices

This year you can expect to see a trend in the decline of PCs as more tablet and hybrid devices hitting the market. Windows 8 tablets, iPads, and Google’s Nexus tablets are expected to continue to gain ground this year along with the Android tablets. The most recent version of the Android tablet is best utilized as a consumer operating system, however, it is the most business-friendly Android tablet to date. There are rumors of a new iPad being unveiled later this year, which can be expected to further the growing trend in tablets.

Smartphone Leaders

Smartphones also continue to rise in popularity. Apple and Android are the dominant players in the smartphone world and can be expected to lead the way throughout 2013. Apple has already reported $54.5 billion in revenue for its Q1 2013 financials, which is up 17.7 percent from the prior quarter. BlackBerry is hoping for a comeback with the release of the BB10 operating system, which was released in March 2013 after suffering from a delayed release.

Office 2013 Revamp

Microsoft has completely overhauled its Office software for 2013. Office 2013 has been updated to keep up with current tablet trends and is now designed to run on tablets and hybrid devices. Other updates mean the program now works with touch screen interfaces in addition to the usual keyboard and mouse controls. The new Office software provides cloud storage, another hot trend for 2013.

The Third Platform and Security Concerns

Throughout 2013, analysts expect to see an increase in cloud-based services, which is being labeled as “the third platform.” The first two platforms refer to mainframes and networked PCs, which will be making way for cloud storage largely as a result of the proliferation of mobile devices. As more businesses and consumers rely on cloud services for storing data, keeping data secure will be of utmost concern. Accessing multiple networks and the potential for installing apps with malware may pose a threat to businesses and consumers alike. With the use of the third platform, businesses and consumers will need to take steps to secure their data from outside infiltration.

The tech trends for 2013 point to more mobility with wireless computing and data storage with a decrease in PC usage. Tablets are likely to be more widely used in the workplace, allowing work to be done almost anywhere. Cloud storage will also come more into play in storing data from mobile devices. With current trends in business tech, 2013 is shaping up to be a very exciting year.

— By Stephanie Willingham

Stephanie Willingham is a contributing writer for a variety of industry blogs. She has professional experience in the medical and financial fields. 



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