Rise of the Machines: The Trend of Smart Home Appliances

Published On December 17, 2014 | Electronics

Smart homes have become the new craze in technology. Homeowners want their homes automated for ease of use. Smart homes are the way of the future. Here are a few of the most popular smart home appliances to get acquainted with.

Smart TVs

First, there were smartphones. Then there were tablets. Then, smart TVs took over the television market. Smart TVs make it easy to keep your devices limited. With a smart TV, the possibility that you would need a Roku or other media streaming device like an Apple TV is very low, because several apps are embedded into your television.

Simply sign on to your home’s Wi-Fi network through the TV setup and access Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu or YouTube with the push of a button. Low-end Vizio smart TVs can be had for a few hundred dollars, or cost anywhere to $5,000 for a 4K smart TV.

Smart Refrigerators

A popular device in the world of smart homes are smart refrigerators. With the amount of time some people spend in the kitchen, having a device like a tablet can be an excellent feature as accompaniment.

With a smart refrigerator, you get a tablet-like device on the outside of your fridge that allows you to store grocery lists, check the weather, follow recipes and listen to music on Internet radio. Smart refrigerators can also notify you via text or tablet if you left the freezer door open. The cost ranges from about $1,750 to $3,800.

Smart Oven

Another interesting entrant to smart home appliances, smart ovens introduce a leisurely way to cook. With Wi-Fi access, check how much longer the ham needs to roast for via a mobile device. Download programmed recipes, and don’t worry about your food getting burned because you’ll have plenty of notifications from afar. Smart ovens start off at around $1,500.

Smart Lighting and HVAC

One of the first devices to enter the world of home automation, smart lighting and HVAC is becoming increasingly popular as an option for the smart home. Control lighting or temperature in any room of your home by using your mobile device. These devices start off at just a few hundred dollars.

Smart Garage Doors

Always worried you left your garage door open during your morning rush? With a smart garage door, you can check to make sure it’s closed. Also, for security, you can receive mobile notifications whenever your garage door is open. Even more, if you can’t find your garage door opener, an app can open it up for you. Smart garage doors openers can cost anywhere from $30 to $270.

Whether you’re new to the smart home trend or you’re looking to make your house look just like the one from the Jetsons, these devices are great pieces of technology to incorporate into your home.

– By Jessica Oaks



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