Samsung Challenges Apples iWatch With its Own Smart Watch

Published On May 6, 2013 | Electronics

While Apple fans are clamoring about the most-recent iWatch rumors, another tech company has thrown its hat into the ring. Samsung has released an official statement about the company’s plans to develop a smart watch, which will directly compete with the upcoming product from Apple.

While Apple has remained tightlipped about its exact plans, Samsung has directly approached the subject. Lee Young Hee, president of Samsung’s mobile business department, said to Bloomberg, “We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long. We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

While rumors about Apple surely motivated the company to open up about its plans, it seems as though Samsung has had a smart watch in the works for some time.

However, Samsung isn’t being generous with details. The features and specs are, as of yet, unknown. Experts think that the winner of this competition, if there is a clear winner, will be the company that is better able to serve the needs of consumers.

Apple has had success with revolutionizing products in a way that makes consumers view them as necessary. Just look at the iPhone and iPad. Before those products, few people saw a need for a smartphone or tablet. While Samsung has also had success, the company seems to frequently lag behind its biggest competitor. Perhaps the smart watch is Samsung’s chance to take the reins, and the company seems to be in a hurry to put it on the wrists of buyers.

Many opponents claim that a smart watch won’t replace the standard watch, which is both a fashion statement and an ascertainment of money. While smart watches will definitely cost a pretty penny, they’re not quite the same as a Rolex.

Apple fans are quick to defend the company’s design aesthetics, but they’re not the type who wear watches. In fact, mobile devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung are much the reason that Generation Y doesn’t wear a wristwatch, which makes it doubly important for companies to market their smart watches in a way that is meaningful to the general public.

It’s too early to call the winner, and other companies have already shipped their smart watches. Crowdfunded Pebble is among the companies that make smart watches to connect to the user’s smartphone. The watch shows time along with incoming messages and phone calls, so the focus is seamlessly connecting technology. Additional apps expand the functions of Pebble, and it’s likely that Apple and Samsung will do the same.

Critics say that this is just another way for tech companies to get the consumer’s hard-earned dollar; and the smart watch won’t necessarily add functions that don’t already exist with smartphones. Smart watches should prove entertaining at least.



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