Smartphone Breathalyzer to Ship This Summer

Published On May 3, 2013 | Mobile

Almost 30 Americans die every day in vehicle crashes caused by alcohol impaired driving on either end of the accident, according to statistics gathered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. These accidents end up surmounting a total of more than $50 billion in annual costs.

With such damaging consequences, both physically and fiscally, driving under the influence of alcohol is something we would all like to prevent. Thankfully, there is a new and innovative technology coming this summer that may help you keep track of your drinking and hopefully prevent drunk driving.

With the rising prevalence of smartphones in the United States, particularly Apple’s iPhones, more and more applications are being developed to appease our cravings for convenience. With this recent development from crowd funding site Indiegogo, you will be able to access a breathalyzer from the comfort of your iPhone.

Thanks to this convenience, even your drunken alter ego could know well enough not to drive.

The Breathometer was created with the hope of reducing drunk driving by letting the user access real-time data on their blood alcohol content via an iPhone application. The Breathometer device is small and compact, featuring a retractable 3.5 millimeter jack that plugs into your iPhone’s headphone jack.

The device sends real-time data to your phone and its breathalyzer application, which will be available through the Apple iPhone application store. Once the device is attached through your Apple iPhone’s 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, you can use the attached breathalyzer with the Breathometer app to monitor your blood alcohol content to ensure safe driving.

In addition to an iPhone application, Breathometer will also be compatible with Android devices through the Google Play software.

With the earliest release date hopefully set for this July, you could get your hands on a Breathometer for around $100. If you are the cost conscious and patient type, a later delivery date can be scheduled for a lower price, essentially just bumping your order down the queue of more enthused investors.

Although no one should have to rely on a smartphone advice to let them know if they’re too drunk to drive, this device could save many lives. It’s definitely one smartphone app worth investing in.



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