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Published On December 11, 2018 | App & Software

Keeping in touch is not always easy, despite our best intentions. While there endless ways to find out what your loved ones are up to, staying truly connected requires more than a sweep through your Facebook feed. It’s about knowing the details. Find out how to strengthen your relationship with friends and family so you don’t miss out on any of their big life moments.

Video Chat

Seeing your family and friends is important in maintaining a strong relationship, even if it’s not always in-person. Video chat with your loved ones by using Skype on your tablet, phone or computer. Whether you sit and talk for hours or cook meals together while you catch up on the latest gossip, face-to-face time is time well spent. Set up a Skype date with your friends or family and make long distance seem nonexistent.


Sometimes, all you need to stay connected is a smartphone. iPhone users can easily connect with one another via video or text. With Messages or Facetime, you can let the people you love know you’ve been thinking about them. Simply connect to WiFi or use your cell service to get in touch with friends on this widely-shared device.


Do you have a friend abroad? Maintaining long-distant relationships was especially difficult when the only options to connect were expensive, international calls or snail mail. Now, technology allows us to message friends and partners at the click of a button. Download WhatsApp on your phone for free and keep long-distant friends updated on your day-to-day life. WhatsApp features allow you to even see when they’re online so you can chat live – because saying, “I miss you,” should never have to wait.  


Life gets busy. Work can consume your days,commitments can fill your calendar and chores can pile up. With everything that is going on, catching up with friends might fall to the wayside. Luckily, the Apple Watch puts multi-tasking in the palm of your hands (or, on the circumference of your wrist). Take a call while jogging around the neighborhood or relay a message using the Walkie-Talkie feature in between meetings. No more having to dig out your phone. With this watch, you can stay connected with just a flick of your wrist.

Wireless Earphones

Think of the last time your hands were full of groceries or shopping bags when you received a call. Unfortunately, it happens and calls are either sent to voicemail or we’re sent into a craze trying to juggle everything at once. Using your phone to catch up with your friends can be tough when you are running around. With smart earrings, you can carry your bags and call your best friend – all while looking fashionable.Smart earrings are wireless earphones that double as an accessory. Rather than searching through your purse to find your phone, attach the earbuds to your ears and use voice commands to trigger calls.

If you miss someone, reach out and let them know. Call, text or video chat – there are so many options to stay connected. How you do it is up to you.



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