The 10 Best Apps for Commuters

Published On May 19, 2016 | App & Software

Sitting on public transportation for more than 30 minutes can be mind-numbingly boring, but it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to our mobile devices, we can listen to our favorite podcasts, read the news, or learn a new language all in the span of a few bus stops. Turn any commute into time well spent with these ten best apps for commuters.


Podcasts are a great way to add some fun to a boring commute. The Stitcher app is perfect for those looking to kill some time with their favorite podcast or radio show. Stitcher gives users access to over 40,000 podcasts and radio shows, like “This American Life,” “WTF with Marc Maron,” and “Radiolab,” all in one convenient app. The app is free and available for iOS and Android phones.

Transit App

Anyone who relies on public transportation needs to know when schedules change or routes get disrupted. With the Transit App you never have to miss a bus, subway, or metro. This app provides real time tracking for public transportation services in hundreds of cities. You can also use the Transit App to set reminders, figure out your route, and receive notifications about service disruptions. If you do happen to miss your bus, the Transit App will help find alternative options, like the closest bike-share station, request an Uber, or book a car2go.


If you enjoy storytelling podcasts, like “The Moth,” or just want to get around to “reading” the classics, Audible may be just the app for you. With Audible, users have access to over 180,000 audio books, covering every genre out there, sure to make any commute enjoyable.

Next Issue

Next Issue is a subscription service which brings over 140 magazines to your mobile device for only about $10 a month. Magazines are downloaded over wi-fi and can even be set up to automatically download when new issues are released so you’ll never run out of reading material on your daily metro ride.

NPR News

Get caught up on the news during your morning commute with the NPR News app. This app provides everything National Public Radio fans have come to love about NPR. With this app, you can listen to NPR’s hourly news updates or your favorite NPR programs, like “All Things Considered,” “Morning Edition,” and “Fresh Air,” anytime you want. The NPR app is also loaded with the latest news stories for those looking for quick reads.


Why not take advantage of your spare time sitting on a bus or subway train to learn a new language? Duolingo is a language learning app that uses games to teach dozens of languages, like French, Spanish, Dutch, and even Esperanto! The app is free and available for iOS and Android devices.

The Great Courses

If language isn’t your thing but you would love to learn more about another topic, like art history,  physics, music theory, or ancient history, The Great Courses offers a free app for those who enroll in one of their varied courses. The Great Courses allows anyone to “attend” a university level class without the pressure of homework, exams, or prerequisites. Once you purchase a course, you can watch or listen to lectures on your own time, even while you’re sitting on a bus.

Planner Pro

The commute home from work is a great time to organize your tasks and schedule. Planner Pro can sync with iOS calendars and events, allows users to setup tasks and reminders, and take notes so you’ll never double book or be unprepared for a meeting.


Puzzle games are great for long or short commutes and one of the most entertaining is Framed. But Framed isn’t your typical puzzle. The visuals in Framed are unlike any other puzzle game, consisting of noir style comic book panels of silhouetted characters against lavender-gray backdrops. Panels must be rearranged to move characters through each puzzle and change the outcome of the story.

Tayasui Sketches

Those who love to doodle will enjoy Tayasui Sketches. This app lets aspiring artists digitally sketch, paint, or draw anywhere. Tayasui Sketches lets you get creative with four different brushes, a pressure-sensor eraser, and different paper types. You can even draw on photos stored in your mobile device.

Being at work might not be enjoyable, but your commute can be with these boredom killing apps. Which apps are your favorite for a daily commute?


– By Layla Sundstrom, Contributor @layla_sundstrom



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