The 10 Best Apps for Staying Organized

Published On June 22, 2016 | App & Software

With today’s busy schedules, it can seem impossible to keep everything organized, but thanks to organization apps, you can get your endless to-do list and hectic schedule under control. Before you pull out your hair and throw your hands up, try one of our picks of top 10 apps for staying organized.

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is a note taking app that also lets users make to-do lists and organize their calendar. Awesome Note uses color coding for ease of organization and has many customizable features, including backgrounds, fonts, and colors. You can even set alarms for any items on your to-do list or reminders for calendar events.


Easilydo is a free iOS app that’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket. Easilydo links with your email and other online services to keep you organized and your schedule updated. Easilydo tracks shipments, adds flight information to your calendar, manages emails, and keeps boarding passes and other tickets all in one convenient app.


Wunderlist is an all-in-one organizer, allowing users to make a simple grocery list or plan an elaborate event. You can also make to-do lists, write notes, set calendar reminders, due dates, and alerts, and then  share these tasks, notes, and reminders with friends and family.


Evernote makes creating and editing files on the go a piece of cake. Evernote uses a cloud sharing system to make your files accessible anywhere you go. Evernote is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. There’s even a new version, Evernote Scannable, that lets users scan documents and  notes using their smartphone’s camera.


Ifttt, which means “if this, then that,” allows users to completely customize the organizational talents of this app. Ifttt lets you connect all of the apps and smart devices you use everyday through “if this, then that” statements. Ifttt can be setup to automatically update your calendar, catalog email and send them to Evernote, and connect with social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.


Mint helps keep your finances in order so bills won’t go unpaid and you’ll know when funds are low in your bank account. Mint links all of your accounts, like phone and credit cards, and can connect to almost all U.S. Banks so you can pay all of your bills from one convenient, secure app.


Timeful helps you make time for things that may not always be a priority but need to be done, like chores or hobbies. Timeful provides a recommended time to complete such tasks and allows you to accept or reject a task. Timeful will even learn when you’re usually busy based on how often you accept or reject a task.


The Cozi app is perfect for busy moms and dads who need to keep a whole household up and running.  Cozi makes it easy to keep track of everyone’s appointments and schedules and allows you to set reminders to make sure the kids make it to sports practice or the parents make it to “back-to-school” night. You can also create a grocery list or other to-do lists to keep the household running smoothly.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is another great app for busy families. This app allows tasks to be prioritized and organized by date or type of task, like tasks around the house, work, or pertaining to the kids. To-do items can also be sorted by location using your smartphone’s GPS. Just like the name implies, you’ll definitely remember the milk with this app.


For those who need to organize everything in their lives, BrightNest can help. BrightNest helps you keep your house clean, bookshelves organized, and reminds you to take care of general home maintenance by sending reminders, like checking the smoke alarms.


Staying organized is easier than ever with all the great organization apps available. Which app is your favorite?


– By Layla Sundstrom, Contributor @layla_sundstrom




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