The 9 Most Earth-Friendly Apps   

Published On April 15, 2015 | App & Software

On April 22nd 1970, American senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day to bring global awareness to the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean. Earth Day is now celebrated in more than 192 countries. Each year, it is encouraged that you do something to demonstrate your support for environmental protection.

Sadly, we have been polluting it, digging it up, stripping it of all of its natural resources and abusing it for decades. It’s time to give a little love back to our planet to ensure it stays around for millenniums to come. Will you be participating in the worldwide event?

To make it easier, here is a list of the nine most Earth-friendly apps that will keep you on track this year.

  1. Avego (Android – free): Think carpooling made easy. You can minimize your carbon footprint by carpooling to work with a group of people. Connect with their carpooling network so you can meet up with and coordinate a ride sharing group. You’re saving the planet and some cash.
  2. PaperKarma (Android – free): Junk mail is the worst because it usually goes straight from the mailbox to the garbage can. By snapping a picture of your mail, you can choose to unsubscribe from the mailing list and PaperKarma will do the rest. Rest assured, you’re saving a few trees by doing this.
  3. Green Genie (iOS): A database with tons of green tips, sustainable projects and resources to help you stay green.
  4. JouleBug (Android and iOS – free): If you need a little more motivation to keep up with a greener lifestyle, this app is for you. The different actions you take during the day can be inputted to earn you badges. The app also tracks how much money you will save per year by doing these actions.
  5. iRecycle (Android and iOS – free): Do you ever wonder if and how you can recycle an item? Find more than 1.5 million ways to recycle and can identify a recycling solution near you.
  6. Seafood Watch (Android and iOS – free): Seafood is delicious, but we need to be conscientious about where our seafood comes from. This app identifies sustainable fishing and farming solutions so we aren’t buying seafood that is being overfished. The app also give you a map of the best seafood stores and restaurants near you.
  7. Locavore (Android and iOS – free): Find fresh and local food. The app locates farmer’s markets near you so you can shop seasonally. Shopping locally will help cut down pollution caused by transporting produce over long distances.
  8. GoodGuide (iOS and Android – free): Scan the barcodes of thousands of products to see if they are safe, healthy, green and socially responsible.
  9. Eco-Dice (iOS – $0.99): This game allows players to roll a dice with their touch screen. Once the dice settles, the player will have a green task for the day.

Which apps will help you go green this Earth Day?

– By Jessica Oaks



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