The Best Baby Monitoring Apps for New Mommies

Published On July 31, 2013 | App & Software

New mommies would agree that taking their new bundle of joy home for the first time is both exciting and terrifying. Mother’s intuition will help with most things like feeding, soothing, and bonding with baby. However, lack of sleep makes it difficult for any mom to function. Those first few months are a doozy. Check out some of these apps that will be perfect for new mommies and veterans alike.

Baby Logging and Tracking App:

No need to remember anything while you’re in zombie-mom mode. There are many apps that parents can download through the app store that will help parents log and track all aspects of their child’s care (diaper changes, feedings, naps, milestones) with little to no sleep required.

Top Rated: Total Baby (iPhone/iPad), Honest Baby (iPhone/iPad), BabyESP (Android), Baby Connect (iPhone and Android)

Baby Monitors:

Although traditional baby monitor/camera systems are great for parents, there are more options to consider. Now parents can use their smartphones to monitor their sleeping babies; there is even an iPod touch mount for the crib.

Evoz Baby Monitor and App

Unlike traditional baby monitors, these don’t require a separate receiver and work over the iOS. Parents can use their own iOS device to monitor their babies. Parents just need to buy the monitor compatible with the iPhone app. Evoz will send texts, emails, or phone calls to alert parents if their baby is crying.

Baby Monitor 3G

This system works with two iPhones on any network. One device is placed in the baby’s room and the other is for the parent. After devices are paired, parents can listen to their sleeping baby, talk to them from another room, and take pictures remotely to check on them.

Other Options: Best Baby Monitor (iPhone/iPad), Baby Cam Monitor (Android)

Baby Soother:

Music for Baby

If your little one likes to fall asleep to soothing lullabies then there are plenty of apps to choose from. Download a baby lullaby app you can customize and then create playlists your baby will be sure to fall asleep to.

Top Rated: Baby Sleep: Lullabies and Teddies (iPhone/iPad), Lullabies Relax & Sleep Baby (Android)

Baby Shusher App

If your baby is not getting enough sleep or is keeping you up at night then try the Baby Shusher app available for iPhone and Android. The app mimics rhythmic sounds a baby would hear in the womb and adjusts its volume according to the baby’s cries.


Parenting Ages and Stages

This app targets the age and stage of your child so that you receive information about development and parenting issues that are applicable. The app is available on the Apple and Android Market.

WebMD Baby

This free mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch gives new parents quick and reliable access to pediatrician-approved baby health and wellness information.

Digital Baby Books:

Organize the hundreds of pictures and videos of your little one into one convenient digital baby book.

Top Rated: Sweet Baby (iPad), The Story of You (iPad), Chicco Baby Book (Android)

These easy-to-use apps are great for the super organized and even better for the sleep deprived.  Check them out for yourself today.

— By Ashley Pfeffer

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