The Best Gaming Platforms: Some Old and Some New

Published On December 5, 2012 | Gaming

Everyone has a favorite gaming console or device. You won’t find a single gamer that isn’t ready to defend theirs to the death. Of course, that doesn’t mean a system will stand the test of time. The consoles and device on this list offer vastly different experiences, and some of them are far from brand new, but they’re all the leaders in the industry.

1. Xbox 360

Microsoft consistently releases updates to the dashboard, which can communicate with your computer to play your multimedia on your television. Hardcore gamers can play titles like Call of Duty, while kids can enjoy adorable Kinectimals with the Kinect. The Xbox Live Arcade is full of puzzle games like Hexic and classics like Frogger. You can download videos, browse the Internet or chat with friends all from your console. Additional apps like Netflix mean the Xbox 360 might replace your DVD player.

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2. PlayStation 3

Like Microsoft’s console, the offering from Sony is more than five years old. It offers a similar online experience known as the PlayStation Network, where you can access HD videos and on demand content. Of course, gamers love PlayStation 3 for titles like Call of Duty, Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed and DC Universe online. With limited family friendly titles, the PS3 isn’t an ideal video game console for everyone.

3. Wii U

Nintendo has never been afraid to experiment. The company proves this is still true with the Wii U, its latest release. While it’s the youngest device on this list, we think it will go far due to the innovation and Nintendo opening up to more mature games. The GamePad controller shakes things up by incorporating both a touchscreen and traditional controls like a D-pad and joysticks. It’s different from everything else on the market, but Nintendo has already shown it’s good with touchscreens. Just look at the success of the DS.

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4. iPhone/iPad

Mobile devices aren’t just for Angry Birds anymore. Some serious titles, like Batman Arkham City Lockdown and Mass Effect: Infiltrator prove that you can have serious gameplay on the same device that lets you fling birds around the screen.

5. Nintendo DS

Nintendo’s first touchscreen device happens to be a handheld. It was the perfect destination for Mario Kart, a variety of Mario RPGs and Pokemon games. New titles like Professor Layton and Scibblenauts also excite players, while they could play GBA games on the DS Lite. Nintendo revised the DS no less than three times to critical acclaim. The DS family has sold more than 150 million units.



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