The Best Geeky Gadgets for Father’s Day

Published On June 17, 2015 | Electronics

With Father’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to start shopping for the perfect gift! This year skip the tired old gift of socks and a tie (no dad wants those) and surprise him with the coolest geeky gadget. Whether you’re shopping for your own dad or helping your kids find the perfect gift for their pop, this list is sure to please even the pickiest gadget loving dad.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch might be one of the most coveted geek toys on the market right now. The Apple Watch connects to the iPhone so your dad can instantly see when he’s received email, texts, calls, or other alerts. It also has built-in fitness tracking to help your dad maintain his health and physical activity goals. And of course, it tells the time.


The Fitbit makes a great gift for sporty dads and couch potato dads alike. The Fitbit Flex tracks activity and sleep to help those who wish to increase their physical activity and meet their fitness goals. The Fitbit Surge offers more detailed activity tracking including heart rate, training summaries, and GPS tracking perfect for the dad who’s training for a marathon or simply looking to improve his health. There are different options available sure to meet every need and budget.

IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case

The IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case is basically the Swiss Army Knife of cellphone cases. The IN1 case manages to pack a variety of tools including screwdrivers, scissors, two ball point pens, and tweezers into a single cellphone case. It’s even TSA compliant.

The Grillbot

Pro tip for buying the perfect gift for the geeky dad: if it’s a robot, he’ll love it! And what’s better than a robot that does the dirty work for your dad? With a simple push of a button, the Grillbot will clean any barbecue grill so your dad doesn’t have to. Grillbots can be used on hot or cold grills and are equipped with three wire brushes which can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

UDI U818A Camera Drone

What geeky gadget dad wouldn’t love a camera drone? The UDI U818A camera drone is one of the least expensive, they can be found online for about $70, and makes for a great starter drone. This drone has built-in stabilizers so your dad is less likely to wreck his new toy. The UDI U818A records video to an SD Card for easy uploading.

The Nest Protect Alarm

The Nest Protect is unlike any other smoke or carbon monoxide detector. Not only does it detect both smoke and carbon monoxide, it can actually tell you which room the danger is coming from. The Nest Protect can even send alerts when no one is home so your dad can help keep the family safe at all times.

MSI GT80 Titan SLI Gaming Laptop

The gaming dad will fall in love with the MSI GT80 Titan SLI gaming laptop. This is one of the first gaming laptops to have an actual mechanical keyboard, which makes all the difference in the gaming world. Made of black magnesium alloy, the Titan boasts a Core i7 processor, two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 M GPUs in SLI to give 16GB of VRAM, and an 18.4 inch screen. This laptop is only for the serious gaming dad as it starts around $3,399.

This Father’s Day make your dad feel appreciated with a gadget he’s sure to love.

– By Tim Alan



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