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Published On October 10, 2013 | Electronics, Mobile, Tech Business

Apple founder Steve Jobs once famously said that a computer is “the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.” With iOS 7, the latest operating system for Apple iPhones and iPods, Apple is boldly advancing Jobs’ dynamic vision with smarter features and enhanced apps that mean your mobile device has never been so useful.

With improved functioning and faster response times, iOS 7 users are raving about how much more useful their mobile devices are. Here are some of the highlights of the new iOS 7.

What’s New?

Atop the wish lists of many Apple mobile users was the ability to swipe between apps rather than having to double-click the Home button in order to find recent apps. Ease of swiping from app to app has been a luxury enjoyed by Android users for some time, and with the release of iOS 7, it’s now a reality for OS users, too. This takes multitasking to a new level while also saving time.

The swiping enhancement has also enabled faster access to the Control Center. Rather than clicking from ‘home’ and then ‘settings,’ as was previously required, iOS 7 gives users instant access to their phone’s main settings, including lock orientation, volume, brightness and music.

There’s even a flashlight function that comes in handy when searching in the dark. Simply swipe up from the bottom of any screen and you can get busy.

If pictures are your thing and you’ve been known to Instagram a photo or two, you’ll be happy to hear that the new iOS 7 has a new interface with built-in filters. With new filters, as well as a tool for square-cropping, you are now able to give your pictures Instagram-like appeal without ever leaving your app.

But Wait, There’s More!

Remember that little red bubble, alerting you that an app needs your updating attention?  Well, say goodbye. With the iOS 7, rather than having to manually click to update an app as was hitherto required, you can now choose to have the updates “pushed” automatically. Old OS users will be green with envy that you’ll be seeing less red alerts.

With other new enhancements, including AirDrop which enables you to share information with nearby contacts, a smarter Siri with both male and female voices, and a sleeker design, it’s no wonder the public is abuzz over the new iOS 7.

“This is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in debuting the new and many say improved iOS 7. With the philosophy of Steve Jobs at heart, it’s no wonder Apple continues to improve and impress.

— By Jessica Oaks



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