The Best Metal Smartphone Cases

Published On May 21, 2013 | Mobile

If you like a futuristic or industrial look for your smartphone, a metal case may be for you. There are a variety of metal case designs to fit your personal style and budget, from full-coverage cases to metal bands that cover just the edges made in a variety of materials ranging from aluminum to titanium to brass.

But how do these metal smartphone cases compare with other materials in terms of reception, ease-of-use and protection from damage? Here are a couple of key comparisons when looking for the best smartphone cases.

Metal Smartphone Case Advantages

Metal smartphone cases generally come out on top of plastic cases in terms of protection. The hard exterior of a metal case won’t crack, break, or chip like a plastic case can. In a big impact, you want the hardest case possible to dissipate the force of the drop and protect your expensive phone.

Plastic cases can break and scratch the surface glass of your phone. However, when it comes to cell reception, plastic cases win out over metal. As an insulator, plastic won’t have any adverse effects on reception the way that metal can.

Metal or Leather Cell Phone Cases?

A leather case can provide some cushioning against impacts and drops, but a full-coverage metal case will provide the protection you need in a hard impact. A metal smartphone case will better protect the internal structures and surfaces of the phone.

In terms of design, a leather case or a leather flip book is a totally different look for smartphone users. There are a few good combination metal and leather cases on the market where you can get the most bang for your buck. For a price, you can get both the protection and the industrial look of metal along with the high-end style of leather.

Metal vs. Silicone Cases

The metal case and the silicone skin are two totally different approaches to protecting your smartphone. Silicone, with its gel-like texture, is designed to cushion the impact of a drop by allowing the phone to absorb some of the impact. The metal case works to protect the touchscreen and internal mechanisms with a hard and durable shell.

Silicone also doesn’t come with any of the reception issues that you may experience with a metal case. Want the best of both worlds? Look for the metal cases that come with an additional silicone skin that stretches over top for added protection.

Because of the unique properties of metal, you may have some reception issues with a case made of titanium, aluminum, brass or a metal alloy. But the distinctive look and feel of a metal case and the tough protective qualities make it a strong choice when choosing a case for your smartphone.

— By Adrienne Ziegler

Known to her friends and colleagues as “Dree,” Adrienne Ziegler is a self-proclaimed nerd who wants to try everything once. She works for a technology company in Ann Arbor, Michigan and enjoys hiking, running, kayaking, throwing music events and artsy-crafty stuff. 



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