The Best Tech for Emergency Preparedness

Published On September 19, 2016 | Electronics

Recently, natural disasters have been springing up across the country and the globe, from devastating fires in California and catastrophic flooding in Louisiana to the recent earthquake in Italy, leaving many without homes, food, or worse. Preparing for an emergency can help you and your loved ones get through the toughest situations. Thanks to these best tech gadgets and emergency apps, it’s easier than ever to get help and stay connected when disaster strikes.

Red Cross FRX3 Emergency Radio

A radio is one of the most important things to have during an emergency and with the Red Cross FRX3 Emergency Radio you can be sure to get the latest emergency updates and weather alerts. You’ll never run out of power as this emergency radio can run on batteries, solar power, or rechargeable batteries, and if any of these fail, simply use the hand crank to generate more power. The FRX3 Emergency Radio is not only a radio, it’s also an LED flashlight, alarm clock, and it has an AUX-input for playing music from a smartphone, and a USB charger to keep your smartphone powered.

First Aid by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross offers about a dozen free emergency preparedness apps including their first aid app. The American Red Cross’s first aid app is available for both iPhone and Android devices and gives instant access to basic first aid tips complete with videos and diagrams. There’s even an emergency tab that provides stripped down, easy-to-follow instructions, making this a must have in case of an emergency.

LifeStraw Portable Water Filters

Finding clean drinking water in an emergency situation can mean the difference between life or death. With LifeStraw Portable Water Filters you can drink directly from any source of water without fear of getting sick from contamination. The original LifeStraw is basically a straw with a built-in filtration system that can provide up to 1,000 liters of safe, clean drinking water, making it a perfect addition to any emergency kit.


In some emergency situations, cell service may be down, rendering smartphones unusable, but you can stay connected to friends and family even without cell coverage thanks to the goTenna. GoTenna connects to any smartphone via bluetooth and uses radio waves to send messages between other smartphones linked to a goTenna within a distance of four miles.

ICE – In Case of Emergency

In the event emergency medical attention is needed, a smartphone is often the best way to get in touch with a person’s next of kin, but a locked phone can make it impossible for medical staff to do so. The ICE – In Case of Emergency app offers a solution to this problem by allowing you to display important emergency information on your phone’s lock screen. You choose the details you wish to display, like medications and emergency contact information, so medical personnel can give you informed medical attention if you’re unable to do so yourself.

RAVPower 16W Dual USB Solar Charger

A smartphone may be your only connection to the outside world in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency and if there’s no power supply, you’re smartphone will quickly run out of battery power. Make sure you can keep your smartphone charged with the RAVPower 16W Dual USB Solar Charger. This solar charger quickly charges up to two devices at the same time even on a cloudy day.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency is responsible for handling major disasters on behalf of the U.S. federal government and the official FEMA app is a great resource for staying up to date when local disaster strikes. The FEMA app provides weather alerts from the National Weather Service, provides tips for surviving natural disasters, and makes it easy to locate open shelters or contact FEMA representatives.


A light source during an emergency can help guide you at night and make you visible to rescuers. The LuminAID is a solar-powered LED light that can help you see and be seen in any emergency. The LuminAID is unique from other solar powered emergency lights in that it is designed to float, making it ideal for those who live in areas prone to flooding.

Skeletool® CX Multitool by Leatherman

A multitool is an essential all-in-one emergency gadget and the Leatherman Skeletool® CX is one of the best. Equipped with the most needed tools, including a 154 cm knife, pliers, wire cutters, and a bottle opener, and made of stainless steel and carbon-fiber, the Skeletool® CX is rugged enough to get through any emergency.

Silent Beacon App

Never get lost and make it easy for first responders to locate you or your loved ones with the Silent Beacon app. Silent Beacon helps locate people through real-time GPS tracking and it makes contacting emergency contacts, including 911, easy by enabling emergency calls without needing to touch a single button. You can even send mass text messages to your personalized lists of contacts in the event of an emergency.

You never know when an emergency might strike but with a little preparation, you can have peace of mind that you’ll be ready to take on whatever emergency situation life may throw your way. We hope you’re never faced with an emergency where you have to use these gadgets and apps, but if you do, you’ll at least be prepared with the best tech available. Stay safe out there!

– By Layla Sundstrom, Contributor @layla_sundstrom




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