The Best Tech Gear for the Gym

Published On April 22, 2016 | Electronics

If you’re like most, staying motivated to get to the gym can be a real challenge. Fitness gadgets can help keep you motivated, while also boosting the effectiveness of your workout. Here are just a few of our picks for the best tech gadgets to get you off your butt and burning some calories!

FitBit Blaze

The newest member of the FitBit family, the FitBit Blaze, is a hybrid between a Fitbit and a smartwatch. In addition to tracking all the things we love our FitBits for, like steps, heart rate, and sleep, the FitBit Blaze has notification capabilities that alert you when you’ve received a text, call, or need a calendar reminder. Also boasting a color touchscreen with a clock and customizable bands and frames, the FitBit Blaze looks as sharp as any other smartwatch but, at $200, only costs a fraction of the price.

KuaiWear Coaching Headphones

You can have a personal trainer with you anywhere you go with KuaiWear Coaching Headphones. These wireless headphones use a biometric sensor to analyze your performance as you exercise and provide vocal tips to help you improve with each workout. Vocal coaching focuses on such parameters as pace and stride to help you push yourself further every time you put in your headphones. KuaiWear Coaching Headphones are waterproof up to three meters, making them great for swimmers or anyone who wants to get a full body workout around the pool.

Pryme Vessyl

Every workout needs a good water bottle and what’s better than a water bottle that helps you remember to stay hydrated? The Pryme Vessyl combines data including your height, age, weight, sex, amount of sleep, and daily exercise to help you get the amount of water unique to your needs. The Pryme Vessyl records how much water you drink and a line of LED lights along the side of the bottle will light up blue to let you know you’re staying hydrated based on your personal information.

Lumo Run Shorts and Leggings

The Lumo Run shorts and leggings just might be one of the coolest additions to fitness tech. These shorts and leggings contain sensors in the waistband to track things such as pelvic rotation, stride length, and track steps. The sensors send this information to an app where you can receive coaching tips to improve your form and get the most out of your workout. Lumo Run shorts and leggings are available for pre-order and come in both men’s and women’s styles and sizes.

Gymwatch Sensor

The Gymwatch Sensor helps you execute perfect form when lifting free weights or using weightlifting machines. When worn while lifting weights, the Gymwatch Sensor pairs with an app to send you instant feedback when your form could use improving. More importantly, the Gymwatch Sensor will give you audio tips on how to improve your form, like correcting posture and grip. With the Gymwatch Sensor, you can enjoy the perks of a personal trainer every time you work out for only about $99.

Under Armour’s Health Box

Under Armour’s Health Box is one of the most complete, if not THE most complete, fitness tracking system. The Health Box contains three devices to compile data, including a wearable tracker band,  chest-strap heart rate monitor, and a smart scale. All devices connect via Bluetooth to an Under Armour Record app where users can view the data individually or combined to give you a thorough view of your workouts and the impact on your biometric stats.

With so many useful health gadgets on the market, there’s no excuse not to hit the gym and reach your fitness goals. What are some of your favorites?


– By Jordan Davis, Contributor @JordanKDavis_



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