The Check’s in the Gmail

Published On June 6, 2013 | Tech Business

Telling people who you owed money to that “the check’s in the mail” used to be a great way to buy yourself some time before paying the debt. Now, Google has made it easier and faster to transfer funds online.

Google recently made an update to Google Wallet that lets users send money via Gmail, safely and securely.

When Gmail users create a new email, there will now be a dollar-sign icon ($) for Gmail attachments.

According to Mashable:

“Click it and you can transfer cash via Google Wallet. The recipient doesn’t have to have a Gmail address and you can receive money as well. You can also pay using your credit and debit cards for a fee of 2.9% per transaction (minimum $0.30.)”

Check out this video to see how Google Wallet works:

So now, you can’t used “the check’s in the mail” as an excuse for why your payment hasn’t been received.

— By Jennifer Thayer



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